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Break Time

March 15th, 2009

We are half way trough our break already. Time goes so fast when your on break, time always goes fast.

As I have told my readers, I am spending my break on Oahu, the main island of Hawaii. What I haven’t told yet, is that I am staying at my girlfriend’s house. Yes, I am dating a girl from Hawaii, her name is Keri and she also goes to the College of Wooster. She is a great girl, so I am double lucky: from Hawaii and great. Well, enough romance talk. It’s just to let you know in what context I am here.

Last summer, I was here with Keri as well, but Oahu is not the same Oahu at this time of the year. When I was here last summer, I could enjoy swimming on Oahu’s famous north shore. This time, that is not even to be considered. When I arrived here last Sunday, the waves were 15 to 20 feet high. Maybe not very high for Hawaii standards, but extremely high for Bastiaan standards. It was amazing to see nature’s beauty and strength combined into a playground for surfers and a great view for Wooster students. I have traveled to many countries, but this view was one of the most spectacular ones of my life!
Another difference with this past summer is the weather. Because of my prior Hawaii experience, I didn’t deem it necessary to pack more than one sweater. The result is that I am wearing the same sweater almost every day. The wind and the grey and rainy weather make it chilly at times, especially in the evenings. It is still warm and sunny at times, but not in the same way as it was this past summer. But don’t get me wrong, I am still getting a tan and enjoying the beach!

A minor distraction from the enjoyment is the fact that I have a bigĀ  paper due shortly after Spring break. It is hard to completely not think about it. I brought all the books that I need for the paper and I am planning on having a first version done before break ends. Most things are more attractive these days than working on a paper, so it is going to be a challenge.

The last thing that I want to share with you is about a great project Keri and I completed. We worked a whole day on cleaning out Keri’s house. It had been a while (more than a while) since things had been organized, so it was a very satisfying job. The makeover of the living room can be qualified as more extreme than the ones you might see on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. It was work during vacation time, but it was a lot of fun to do.

This could be my last post during break time since I have to steal the neighbor’s internet in order to get connected. It is a small crime, so I might do it again (not saying that small crimes should be repeated in general).