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March 21st, 2009

Finally, Sunburn.

After two weeks of fickle but mostly grey weather, we had two days of sun. Yesterday was Keri’s birthday. We went to the North Shore to get breakfast and enjoy the beach. The sun was hot, bright and stronger than my SPF 50 sunscreen. The water was deep blue and when we were about to leave the beach, a whale swam by. A perfect ending of a nice beach morning.

We tried to take the bus back to the house, but it took forever. We were lucky enough to get a spectacular ride in the back of a truck all the way to Keri’s hometown, Wahiawa. Back at the house, we started cooking delicious dishes for the birthday party. It was a great birthday after a beautiful morning and when it was time to bed I could feel my sunburnt shoulders against the mattras.

Today, I went surfing in the morning while Keri is shopping with some of her friends. I caught a few good waves, but I am still a little clumsy on the board. It was my second time surfing, but it to me it still looks much easier than it is. The greatest struggle is to get out on the water, because the waves keep throwing you towards the shore. But when you catch a wave, it is worth all the effort. After surfing, I went back to the house to get some work done.
Tomorrow, I am leaving the island. Wooster, Ohio is waiting for me again. I am not completely ready for break to be over, but I have good faith that a wonderful second half of the semester is coming.