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Postcard and Sexy

March 26th, 2009

Today was a productive day. I got some work done for my big paper, I did my math and my computer science homework, I bought a Wooster T-shirt, I had a short theater rehearsal, and I signed postcards. Postcards? Yes, every accepted prospect student from the Netherlands will get a personal postcard from me. I think I managed to convince all seven of them to come to Wooster next year, so that would bring the total Dutch student population to nine. Well, maybe all seven is a little optimistic, but it would be nice if at least one Dutch student decides to join us here in Wooster (kies voor Wooster!). Well, if my postcard didn’t do it, that little personal Dutch note in this post should do it. By the way, if you are not a Dutch student and you got accepted to Wooster, the same rule applies: tell your other colleges that you are not coming, Wooster is the place to be! Marijke and I (the current Dutch students) were enrolled a one year program, called the Fulbright Scholarship Program. However, we both thought one year at Wooster was not enough which explains why we are still here. Ohio did not sound the most sexy when I was first considering Wooster (one of my options was Florida, which sounded sexier) and also my friends told me that it might have been wise for me to consider Florida when I told them that I was thinking about going to Ohio. Fortunately, I never regretted the decisions I made and I am sure that any future Wooster student will have no regrets either. I am very grateful that all the best people in the world also found Wooster, sexy people too.

Anyways, this post is turning into a longer version of a postcard itself. And yes, I am completely free to write whatever I want on this blog, so no one told me to tell you to come to Wooster (except for my heart that wants the best for all people).

Next time a more subjective post (because everything about Wooster being the best place is objective, in case you missed that) and a post with a lower frequency of the word sexy (which is a word I have hardly used before in my life).