Why Wonderful Wooster?

March 30th, 2009

I have had the intention of apologizing for my previous post ever since I published it, so here it is: I apologize for my previous post, in particular for the use of the word sexy.

My beloved grandfather brought up two interesting questions that are related to last entry. Firstly, he was wondering if sexy is the new adjective for things that used to be nice, fun, attractive, or even cool. Secondly, he was interested in hearing specifically why I have chosen for Wooster.

In response to my grandfathers first question I can only say that I am afraid the word sexy is indeed taking over. It might partly be the legacy of Paris Hilton, it might be MTV’s responsibility. Fact is that the word has now received more than its fair share of attention on my blog. Therefore, I now officially close the case.

Now the more interesting part: my grandfather’s question about my choice for Wooster. I don’t believe my grandfather is interested in attending Wooster at any time in the future, but if he is asking the question, many of my readers might have been wondering the same: why and how did you decide to attend the College of Wooster?

I was first introduced to American college life through the one-year Campus Scholarship Program of the Fulbright Center in Amsterdam. After I informed them of my intend to study in the United States for a year, the Fulbright Center helped me to take the relevant tests, write my essays, and fill out the paper work for my application. Furthermore, Fulbright selected eight colleges for me that they thought would fit m personality. I could apply to five of the eight and after a first selection round, Wooster turned out to be one of the five chosen ones.

My next strategy was to email alumni from the Fulbright program who had attended the different colleges. I emailed a grand total of five students per college. The responses that I received were very helpful. Most students were very positive about their colleges, but Wooster stood out. All Dutch students that had attended the College of Wooster told me that it had been a life changing experience, that they had had the best days of their lives at Wooster, and that if they had to choose again, Wooster would be on the very top of their lists again.

Wooster looked good from its website, but all college website have a great story about their school. Hearing individual experiences made the different schools come alive for me and Wooster appeared to be more alive than any of the other schools. For me, the personal experiences of the Fulbright alumni made the difference for my decision.

My expectations of Wooster have been more than met. It should become evident from my blog in what ways my needs at this college are gratified. Keep following my posts, and hopefully you will understand why it is impossible to get disappointed if you choose for Wooster.

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  1. Kerion 30 Mar 2009 at 6:14 pm

    I want to see some pictures! …please.

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