April 15th, 2009

To continue a tradition, I will start this post with apologizing. I am sorry for being part of a hype. The problem is that I was too moved to not be part of the hype. I will have to apologize again for making you part of this hype too, if you weren’t already. Well, since embedding is disabled for the viral video that I was going to share with you, I can’t force you to be part of the hype. But in case you are curious anyway, I will share the link with you: LINK.

I am happy to say that I finally have some down time. I turned in my BIG paperĀ  and I took my math exam on Tuesday. I think I did okay on both my exam and my paper, but I will have to await the judgment of the professors. Today, I found myself having so much free time, that I could allow myself to watch the end of the Cleveland Cavaliers game. I thought it would only last for seven more minutes, but after a thrilling finale with overtime, it was 45 minutes later. I am still used to soccer games for which the time is actually an indicator for how long the game is going to last. I was very sad to see the Cavs lose 110-111 to the Sixers. I have really started to love basketball since I came to the United States. Especially with Lebron James playing here in Ohio.

Although I have some down time right now, I still have too much to share for one blog. Last week was South Asia week. Two main events that I attended were the South Asian Culture show and the India Dinner. Both were great successes. The culture show was for a big part a satirical version of South Asian Superstar. Wooster students from South Asia competed to become the next super star. The judges of the show were harsh, but fair. The India dinner was great too. The food was amazing and the turnout was great. The only downside to this was that we had to wait in a long line for our food. Fortunately, the line for seconds was much shorter and people who know me, know that I love second helpings.

This week is Greek week and Seven Days of Gay. Tonight, the big annual Greek Lypsinc took place. AllĀ  fraternities and sororities on campus prepare a dance show and judges determine the winning Greek group. I decided to pass on this event, since today I didn’t feel like watching my crazy fellow students show off. In spite of the nationwide tea parties, attending Lypsinc was not my proverbial cup of tea today. Haha, Bastiaan is so funny ….. NOT (my first official not-joke).
Our campus pub The Underground (referred to as UG by students) hosts weekly dance parties on Fridays. This Friday there will be a cross-dressing party hosted by the campus LGBT group: Allies and Queers. Saturday, I will be on the Wooster Ethnic Fair all day reperesenting the Netherlands. I will tell you more about this event later.

Today, I had my interview for the International Student Association (ISA) executive board. My interview went well, but I will have to see what the current officers decide because I already have a very busy schedule for next Fall semester. On Friday, I have an interview for the campus’ Judicial Board. This board is run by students and has the goal of educating students that violate the Scot’s Key. As I said, I have too much to share for one blog. Therefore, I will just stop writing for now. I will post some pictures (they might be a little outdated) to keep the blog looking nice.






2 Responses to “Sensation”

  1. Gijsberton 17 Apr 2009 at 5:30 am

    Thank you very much for the opportunity to cry at singing Susan! I hadn’t heard of the hype yet, although there is much less sea between Britains Got Talent and Utrecht than there is ocean between BGT and Wooster, Ohio…
    And you do look like a convincing actor to me – I wish I could have attended!

  2. Charlotteon 19 Apr 2009 at 3:12 am

    I would love to see more pictures on your blog. You write so much I can hardly stay updated! The pictures are of the play you were in? didnt know adults attended as well. All sounds great Bassie! I miss you!
    And yeah thank you for introducing us to Susan, Betsy wrote me about her to, It’s a great hype!

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