April 23rd, 2009

My personal philosophy is that life is all about finding balance. Therefore, I have a constant quest to find this balance. I try to party, but also to be serious. I like spending time with my girlfriend, but I also want to hang out with other people.I like doing well in my classes, but I also like being social. I like being physically active, but I also want to relax. For next semester I have looked to find balance in my life. I think I know now what responsibilities I will have. Although I looked for balance, I risk having a shortage of free time.

I will sum it up:

  • Vice-president of ISA
  • Director of Travel and Recreation for WAC
  • Resident Assistant
  • Ambassador
  • Teacher Apprentice for Public Speaking
  • Student in Linear Algebra
  • Student in Principles of Rhetoric
  • Student in Transitions to Advanced Mathematics
  • Student Reference Assistant at the library
  • Blogger

That is quite a list and it will require a great deal of planning and discipline, but I am up for the challenge. Wooster life is rich and I want to take full advantage of this. I am sure I will develop myself in many ways and meet lots of great people.

To finish up, some facts about life here:

  • There is only one week of classes left.
  • Tomorrow, all classes are canceled for the I.S showcase.
  • The weather is going to be great the coming days.
  • This weekend is Spring Fest and the annual ISA Spring Dinner

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