April 27th, 2009

Two days of no blogging and again, too many events to cover. Thursday night I went to see the Spring Dance Concert. My roommate Nana was one of the dancers. It was amazing. I have not been to many dance concerts in my life, but I enjoyed this one greatly. I was very impressed by the talent that my fellow students showed.

This weekend was great. Not only because it was eighty-degree sunny weather, but because of the events we had. Saturday, I worked most of the day on setting up Springfest. We had a big stage, caricature artists, a Velcro wall, bungee running, cotton candy, SnoCones, popcorn, jousting, and a dump tank (student was dropped in a tank after a fellow student had hit a target with a baseball). The turnout was great and people seemed to enjoy themselves.

Springfest was not my only event of the day. At six, I had to attend the annual ISA Spring Dinner. The dinner was a two hour event with a guest speaker, good food from across the world, awards, memories of the past year, and the introduction of the new executive board. After the dinner was over, I ran back to Springfest to see Wiz Khalifa and Blackalicious. Both artists really got the crowd going. When Blackalicious was done at ten, the Wooster students convinced him to come back for an encore. Even after the encore, people had a hard time accepting that it was really over.

During a short break on this day, I went to the Physical Education Center to play basketball with my roommate and another friend (Elliot). It was one of my first times playing this game with skilled players. My height (6’6”) only helped me a little bit and I was lucky for having Elliot and Nana taking it easy on me. They taught me how to make shots and what I could and could not do. Unfortunately, in an attempt to play a good defense move, I injured my hand which is still a little swollen. But to acquire skill, you sometimes have to go through some pain.

On Sunday, I had a three hour retreat with ISA’s current and next year’s board. Together we worked on a smooth transition of power. We have great plans for next year with the new energized and ambitious board.

Sunday evening, I hosted a prospective student. I showed him around, I played tennis with him, and we tried to do some bowling. It was a good time, and I think I persuaded him to come to Wooster (he had made up his mind prior to his visit, but let’s ignore that fact).

Today is the last Monday of classes. It is not easy for me to stay motivated these last sunny days. I worked hard throughout the semester, but I cannot afford to slack off these last days. I want to finish this semester with a good feeling and confidence that I will be able to juggle all my tasks next semester.


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