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May 28th, 2009

Ten days have gone by since my last post. I hoped that I could report some good news about my progress this week, but unfortunately I would be lying if I said that I am being productive and motivated at the moment.

I have completed one third of my summer course so far. My first exam was on Tuesday. Chu, Evan, and I worked on it for two and a half hours, but we all came out disappointed. It was very hard.

Although I am not as productive as I would like to be, I did make some progress. I have played some guitar, I am getting up earlier, and I exercise daily by playing soccer or going to the gym.

I might not be making the greatest process, but the people working around campus are making lots of progress. There is a big project going on to beautify Beall Avenue, the Football field gets artificial turf and lighting, the dorm Babcock is in the final stages of its renovation, and the dorm Douglass gets some new paint.

While all this construction is going on, I will try to continue to work on myself. I have printed out a daily schedule that my dad set up for me and I am going to try to stick to it. I also checked out eleven books from the library today on personal development.


May 18th, 2009

I have a surplus of time these days. I am still looking to spend my time sensibly, but it is hard since I have no pressure to do anything. I spend my days playing soccer, playing Fifa 09, doing some homework for my math tutorial, and sleeping in. It might sound like the good life, but I rather have something to do. Today, I went to the student employment office to see if there was still anything available for the summer. Unfortunately, they had to disappoint me. Now I am considering learning a new language, improving my guitar skills, and reading some good books. It is all just considering so far, because actual action is still lacking. I have been watching the NBA playoffs a lot and I have been checking out the new internet miracle Wolfram Alpha.

A nice achievement for me so far is that I have learned how to dunk a basketball. Since I am 6’6” and a bit, it might not seem too impressive, but I am still very proud of it (and it felt amazing!). I am going to sleep now because my goal is to get into a daily rythm that will be condusive to being productive. For many people doing nothing might be a dream, but for me it is a bad feeling. Next week, I will share my advancements.



May 10th, 2009

These days are really without any pressure. It is unbelievable how big the contrast is with the times before finals ended. There is so little pressure that I cannot motivate myself to do something like laundry. I just did it, but my plan was to do it yesterday. The days are without any activities, but also without my girlfriend. That makes it extra hard to adapt.

Tomorrow, graduation takes place. This year I actually know quite some graduating seniors, in contrast with last year when I knew one. I hope the weather will cooperate a little because it hasn’t been great. During the days it is around sixty degrees while at nigh it cools down to the mid thirties. Ohio weather keeps surprising me. First we had summer days and now it is chilly again.

This summer, I will keep posting on this blog, but the frequency will probably go down to one or two times per week. First, I will be doing a math tutorial here in Wooster. Then, I will go home to do research for the Ambassadors program and see all my loved ones. I am looking forward to speaking my first language again and enjoying the country that I grew up in.

Here are the pictures that I promised to post:


May 7th, 2009

It seems ages ago that I announced it was finals week. Now it is Thursday and I finished my last final this morning. The relief is bigger than I could have imagined. It is so strangeĀ  that I will live without any obligations for a few days. Procrastinating is not something I have to feel guilty about anymore. I can just enjoy the sun, go to the gym, take naps, do quizzes on Sporcle, watch TV, read the Huffington Post, watch Youtube videos, find out who the Jonas Brothers are, shave, do laundry, check my email, go to the Barber, play guitar. There is time for everything. It is not just relief that I feel, but also satisfaction. I worked hard and I think I did well on all of my exams. I wish I could just fly home this weekend to see my family and my friends. Unfortunately, I will have to stay here for another five weeks to do a math tutorial. I am sure that these weeks will be fun, but I still can’t wait to be back home again.

I have a few pictures that I really want to share with you. Now I also have time to post them. By the end of the day they will be online. First, lunch and nap time!


May 3rd, 2009

Hello, dear readers. It is finals week. I am trying to maintain the grades I built up during the semester by not scoring far below my averages, but it will be challenging. One professor has claimed most of my time during finals by giving out two assignments for four page papers and an enormous study guide. Besides the work for that class, I have a cumulative calculus exam, a computer science exam, and a cumulative logic exam. Unfortunately, I will be too busy to keep you updated on what is going on, but on the other hand, if I would share my whereabouts these days, it would be very boring to read. Enjoy your time if you don’t have finals this week, and good luck if you do. I will be back to share about my life and Wooster on Thursday afternoon and I am looking forward to that moment!