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May 10th, 2009

These days are really without any pressure. It is unbelievable how big the contrast is with the times before finals ended. There is so little pressure that I cannot motivate myself to do something like laundry. I just did it, but my plan was to do it yesterday. The days are without any activities, but also without my girlfriend. That makes it extra hard to adapt.

Tomorrow, graduation takes place. This year I actually know quite some graduating seniors, in contrast with last year when I knew one. I hope the weather will cooperate a little because it hasn’t been great. During the days it is around sixty degrees while at nigh it cools down to the mid thirties. Ohio weather keeps surprising me. First we had summer days and now it is chilly again.

This summer, I will keep posting on this blog, but the frequency will probably go down to one or two times per week. First, I will be doing a math tutorial here in Wooster. Then, I will go home to do research for the Ambassadors program and see all my loved ones. I am looking forward to speaking my first language again and enjoying the country that I grew up in.

Here are the pictures that I promised to post: