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May 18th, 2009

I have a surplus of time these days. I am still looking to spend my time sensibly, but it is hard since I have no pressure to do anything. I spend my days playing soccer, playing Fifa 09, doing some homework for my math tutorial, and sleeping in. It might sound like the good life, but I rather have something to do. Today, I went to the student employment office to see if there was still anything available for the summer. Unfortunately, they had to disappoint me. Now I am considering learning a new language, improving my guitar skills, and reading some good books. It is all just considering so far, because actual action is still lacking. I have been watching the NBA playoffs a lot and I have been checking out the new internet miracle Wolfram Alpha.

A nice achievement for me so far is that I have learned how to dunk a basketball. Since I am 6’6” and a bit, it might not seem too impressive, but I am still very proud of it (and it felt amazing!). I am going to sleep now because my goal is to get into a daily rythm that will be condusive to being productive. For many people doing nothing might be a dream, but for me it is a bad feeling. Next week, I will share my advancements.