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June 25th, 2009

Dear readers,

I am home again. After a seven hour delay and lost bags I have finally arrived in the Netherlands. It is great to be with my two younger sisters, my younger brother and my parents again. It is also amazing spending time with my good friends from here.

After some strong performances at the end of my summer course I have improved my grade to a very satisfying level. I am glad I finished the class with a good feeling and a ditto grade. I am also happy that now I really have  summer break. No homework, no studying for a while. I have six weeks of just being.

However, I still have to do some work. I have to do research for the Ambassadors Program and I still want to think about some nice ideas for my teacher apprenticeship next year and the trips that I will be organizing for WAC. It doesn’t put too much pressure on me, but I don’t want to forget about these things.

Today, I helped my sister paint her appartment in Amsterdam. She will start studying there next year and she is really excited. She has a  very nice spot in the center of the city. Tomorrow, I will help one of my best friends move. He has bought his first apartment together with his girlfriend. When I heard one of my friends was buying a place, I felt like I was getting old. Then, I heard that one of my high school class mates is having his second child and I  knew that I was getting old. I am just joking of course, but it remains a fact that life goes very fast.

Enjoy your summer,


June 10th, 2009

Hot and Humid. It rains at times, but that does not change the feel of the weather. In my fourth floor room it is a challenge to fall asleep. I own a grand total of zero fans and at times it almost seems like the bug net in my window frame does not only stop creatures from coming in but keeps out oxygen too.

Enough complaining. I have had some really good days. Those were the days that consist of playing tennis and soccer (both virtual and real life) and watching basketball. The weather seems to turn me into a lazy man. I do the assigned homeworks for my math class, but my guitar has been out of tune for almost two weeks now and the stack of books that I checked out of the library is left mostly unread.

I am counting down the days until I go home. Today the counter is down to 10. I love Wooster, but it is hard having the best time of your life when all your friends are making money during the day and you just have to organize your life without a framework. Indeed, much progress has not been made since last month. I had my second math exam yesterday. It didn’t go as well as it should have gone, but what can I do. I prepared as well as I could and the two problems caught me off guard. It happens to the best.

I am currently working on preparing the public speaking class of next semester. Professor Wick and I are working on some good ideas to make it the best public speaking class ever given at this college. I am also trying to come up with ideas for the ambassadors program for next year, but the weather slows down my creativity (ugh, ugh, excuses, excuses). A third thing I am working on is the trips for the Wooster Activities Crew (WAC) Travel and Recreation. I am still trying to make myself do work, but as the wise man Yoda said: “Do or do not… there is no try.”

I will post the pictures that I took of the construction that is going on around campus. They actually belong to the previous post, but because of my lack of action they were not posted. Some of the pictures include interesting machines like the “saw the road in pieces” machine.