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July 24th, 2009

It’s been a while since I wrote something on my blog, but for a while there was not too much news to share. Now there is!

First, my younger sister has, at the very last minute, decided that she wants to come to Wooster and she has been admitted!

Second, yesterday I participated in the world’s largest walking event, de Nijmeegse Vierdaagse. I walked 25 miles on my flip-flops in one day. It was intense, but a very special experience. The event is a combination of carnaval and walking insane distances. At the end of the day I was crippled, but it was all worth it (I only participated one of the four days and only walked 25 instead of the regular 31 miles).

Then third, I had a wonderful week in Friesland. I went sailing with my family. We had great wind and great weather.

Fourth, I will go on vacation for nine days with my Friends from here. We have rented a van and we will take it on a tour towards Spain.

Fifth, in less than three weeks I will be back at Wooster.

Sixth, I hope someone will read this post since I have not been able to locate a link to my blog on Wooster’s new website.



July 8th, 2009

The Netherlands has been sunny. The weather has been very nice since I arrived at home. Up until yesterday, every day was a day to wear shorts and do something active in the sun. Yesterday, the good old grey Dutch sky returned. It is raining and the temperature has dropped. A normal Dutch summer again.

I have came up with some good ideas for the ambassadors program and I am enjoying my time with my family and friends. There is not too much new to share. I am going on vacation for a week starting on saturday. I will be in Friesland with my family. Friesland is a province in the North of the Netherlands with many beautiful lakes and canals. We will be sailing. Hopefully, the weather will return to unusual again.

Normally my posts are almost too exctiting to read without blinking, but this time the challenge is not to fall asleep. Hope you succeeded!