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First Week

August 28th, 2009

It is weekend after the first week of classes. I have fully acclimatized already, but it is clear that my schedule is really as busy as it looks.

Today, it is Scot Spirit day. All 120+ groups on campus try to show their best side in order to attract new members. I will be drifting between two tables: the Wooster Activities Crew table and the International Student Association table. The sky looks a little gray, but I hope it will stay dry.

My classes this semester are: linear algebra, transitions to advanced math, principles of rhetoric, and TA-ing for public speaking. Yesterday, I did three hours of homework for linear algebra. I signed up for it so I can’t really complain.

I just got back from a talk by the widow of Norman Morrison. She told a very impressive story and the whole audience was very moved. People were crying in the room. Norman Morrison set himself on fire in front of the Pentagon to protest the Vietnam war. His widow told us about the impact it had on her, the people in Vietnam, and her family.

After this warm up week I will be ready for the semester. Everything I do is planned on a Google calendar. If you follow the link, you can see my busy and my open hours. I still have some free time and during 12 of my busy hours I can multi-task. If there is no one asking me a question during the seven hours that I work in the library, I can do my homework. If none of my residents stop by during the five weekly open door hours that I have, I can do my homework.

I believe that I will manage. Wooster tends to bring the best out in me.



August 20th, 2009

The past two weeks have been insanely busy. My resident assistant training is finally over. We had good times, but we worked hard as well. The weather has been very supportive. It was constantly around 90 degrees with high humidity. Sweat all over the place.

All the first-years for this year moved in on Tuesday evening. It was a hectic day. I have never seen so many sweaty parents together. After an hour of moving stuff, the fire alarm went off. One of the first-years had driven from Chicago to Wooster and had gotten into an accident half a mile away from the college.

I have a nice room this year. I live in Kenarden on the 3rd floor. Kenarden is a very nice building, but there is no air conditioning. Up to yesterday, I had zero fans in my room. That meant more sweating. Right now, it is raining and things are finally cooling down a bit.

Orientation for the first-years has started this past Wednesday. Everyone seems exceptionally excited for college. That makes me happy. I gotta feeling that this year is going to be a great one.

I have planned the first trip for students. On September 6th, we are going to Cedar Point with 100 people. All my responsibilities for this year are putting pressure on me, but so far I believe that I will be able to handle them all.

The semester starts this Monday, so updates will follow each other more quickly from now on! Keep checking back for good and bad stories about life at The College of Wooster.



August 7th, 2009

Tomorrow at 10:oo am, my flight is leaving. I am returning to Wooster.

I have packed everything in two suitcases and one duffelbag. They each way the exact allowed 50 pounds. One of my suitcases looks like a passenger on the Titanic lost it, but I needed a second suitcase to fit everything. The reason for that is that the other suitcase is completely filled with stuff for the ambassadors program.

I have had 9 wonderful days with my best friends from home. We went to Biarritz in southern France to go bodyboarding and to enjoy the sun. We had wonderful weather and were lucky enough to find campsites with open spots. One of the nights, we went to a local festival in Bayonne. People told us that it was the third largest celebration in the world. After the Beerfests in Germany and the Carnaval in Rio. Fortunately, we didn’t make any accidents with our van. Everyone is home safely.

It is undescribable how I have two lives that operate completely independent of each other. Well, completely might be a little exeggarated, but when I am here my life in Wooster feels like a dream I had a week ago. When I am in Wooster, it is the other way around.

When academic life starts again I will be updating you frequently. I will have a VERY busy college life, but I am excited for the year to come!