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August 7th, 2009

Tomorrow at 10:oo am, my flight is leaving. I am returning to Wooster.

I have packed everything in two suitcases and one duffelbag. They each way the exact allowed 50 pounds. One of my suitcases looks like a passenger on the Titanic lost it, but I needed a second suitcase to fit everything. The reason for that is that the other suitcase is completely filled with stuff for the ambassadors program.

I have had 9 wonderful days with my best friends from home. We went to Biarritz in southern France to go bodyboarding and to enjoy the sun. We had wonderful weather and were lucky enough to find campsites with open spots. One of the nights, we went to a local festival in Bayonne. People told us that it was the third largest celebration in the world. After the Beerfests in Germany and the Carnaval in Rio. Fortunately, we didn’t make any accidents with our van. Everyone is home safely.

It is undescribable how I have two lives that operate completely independent of each other. Well, completely might be a little exeggarated, but when I am here my life in Wooster feels like a dream I had a week ago. When I am in Wooster, it is the other way around.

When academic life starts again I will be updating you frequently. I will have a VERY busy college life, but I am excited for the year to come!