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Week 2

September 1st, 2009

This will not be a trend. I will not label each week and write a little report about it. That would not be fair to anyone.

However, this week feels like week 2. Going to classes does not feel quite new anymore, but it also does not feel routine yet (as far as routine is a feeling).

Today, I had a meeting with the coordinator of the ambassadors program. We confirmed the first couple of presentations. I am excited to start sharing about The Netherlands. In the residence hall that I am the RA of, I have started to promote my country already. All the residents on my floor have Van Gogh paintings on their door with their names written in the corner. I have a bulletin board about Dutch painters and I will add one about The Netherlands in general soon. I hope people will not be bored out of their minds by the Netherlands, but so far people seem interested. I had a good conversation about interesting laws in the Netherlands with one of my residents after I walked through my hall in wooden shoes size 15.

Then, there is another little fact that I want to share with you. I bought a Razor Pro scooter. It is an amazing scooter and it gets me across campus in no time. Some people seem to think I look like a kid, but others respond positively. One guy shared with me today that his mom sold his Razor scooter two weeks before he came to school. Another guy told me that he had meant to bring his scooter to school, but that he had forgotten about it at the very last moment. Both guys seemed very sad and quite envious. I must say, they have a reason to be envious. The scooter is great. It is fast and it is fun.