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September 12th, 2009

Today is the first day that I am twenty-two years old. The last week of being twenty-one was pretty rough. I didn’t shave up to my birthday. I was stubbly and tired when September the 11th rolled around. This semester, I am taking Linear Algebra. So far, it seems to be the hardest class I have ever taken. On Thursday night, I worked on my homework for hours. I still didn’t finish before class, but fortunately, the homework was due at 6:00 pm. But it was still not ideal, I was finishing up my homework on my birthday.

Fortunately, September 11th was a beautiful day. After a nap and a good shave, the whole world looked much brighter. September 11th was not only my birthday, but also the day of Party on the Green.

POTG is one of the two big annual concerts on campus. The Wooster Activities Crew organizes this and as a member of this crew I worked to make the event into a success. WAC always brings a main act and also invites some student openers. This year, Black Violin was the main act. Their performance was amazing. Black Violin consists of three guys: two violin players and a DJ. The violin players also rap and talk smack. They play contemporary pop songs on their violins with unbelievable skill.

This weekend, I will have to work on my first paper of the semester. Tomorrow, I have my first intramural soccer game of the semester. Monday, the first Monthly International Students Association dinner takes place. I also have some proofs due on Monday. Life is busy, but I am enjoying it every day.