September 16th, 2009

Monday, we had our first International Student Association dinner.

We started out with a fun activity. On all tables, we had language cards that people could use to introduce themselves in a foreign language. This way, people could meet new people while practicing some basics in a new language. As the main event, the ISA board had asked Brian Atkins and Anoop Parik from the admissions office to talk about how they reach out to international prospective students. Many international students were wondering why the college did not have as many international students coming in as in previous years. Brian shared that he did not know exactly what had happened either, but that he and Anoop wanted us to help them to make sure we will have more new international students come.The members of the ISA board had been a little nervous for this first dinner of the year, but we all felt satisfied when it was over.

Now, some quick facts about life here:

The weather here in Wooster has been incredible. We have had a week of sunny weather with temperatures in the seventies. I love it.

This Friday, I am giving my first ambassadors presentation. I will talk to the Intro to International Relations class about the Netherlands. I am a little nervous, but also excited to finally start the real presentations.

This week, the public speaking class for which I am the TA had did its first speeches. The students told family stories and they were all very fascinating.

Something I keep forgetting to mention is that The College of Wooster was rankedĀ  in the top ten colleges for best undergraduate teaching. That is quite impressive since there are at least 266 such colleges in the United States.

Life here is still great and I have a broad range of experiences each day. However, I have to make sure I keep sleeping enough. The loyal reader of my blog knows that I enjoy life much more when I am well rested.

2 Responses to “ISA”

  1. charlotteon 17 Sep 2009 at 10:07 am

    yay, i’m the first to comment this time, Im checking your blog everyday now. I even beat Dad who always has the first comment. I enyoj reading your short posts everytime but i hope to talk to you soon because i want to hear more details about your dinner and presentations and life!

  2. opa reyeron 18 Sep 2009 at 10:19 am

    Net als Charlotte zou ik graag meer horen over het ISA-diner: hoeveel vreemde talen, het menu e.d. Maar ik ben natuurlijk nog veel benieuwder naar je eerste Ambassadors-presentatie.
    Veel succes toegewenst, en veel uren heerlijke slaap!
    opa Reyer

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