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September 25th, 2009

I hope this week was a week of recovery. Last Friday was bad, as you all could read. This week was much better, but still some things could have gone a lot better.

Sunday we won our third intramural soccer game. We are on our way to win the intramural championship.

Tuesday, we had our second Model United Nations mock debate. I had performed well the first debate so I believed I would have a good chance of making it to the team. However, when I walked in to the room I noticed that my country, Nicaragua, was taken off of the speakers list. I was disappointed, but I still got to speak because I defended some motions. Fortunately, Wednesday I found out that I made it to the traveling team. I can go to Chicago this Fall!

Wednesday was another interesting day. It was the day of Mr. Wooster. I decided to run. The Mr. Wooster title is earned in three rounds. One, formal wear. Two, talent. Three, school spirit. I thought I had prepared my talent to perfection, but it failed on stage. I wanted to rap Changes by 2pac over an instrumental, but on stage I could hardly hear the beat. My rap failed. When they announced that I was the runner up, I was surprised. I was still happy with my prize, but I think that if my talent had succeeded I could have called myself Mr. Wooster now.

Wednesday morning had been good. I had a Transitions to Advanced Math exam and I think I did really well. However, today in class I found out that 51 is not prime. It is not too hard to figure out, but on the test I had just assumed it was prime without really checking. That was three points of my grade…

Today, was not so great. I had my first Linear Algebra exam. I thought I had prepared well, but it turned out that my exam resembled the sample exam that we were given very closely. The sample exam was one thing I had not payed much attention to. I think it will be my worst grade in Wooster history. Fortunately, there is a take-home part of the test that will allow me to recover a bit.

There was also a good part to today though. I had my second ambassador’s presentation. I was the guest speaker in Pam Frese’s Linguistics class. I talked about Dutch and I had fun with the class. This presentation went really well so that was a big relief.

This weekend is homecoming weekend. There will be lots of things to do, so I will probably have lots to tell you.