October 10th, 2009

It is a week ago that I updated this blog. That is too long. I have a busy life, but that cannot be an excuse. If you have a busy life, you need order. I have a very nice Google calendar that I use, but for something like writing a blog I have not set days. Now I will. Wednesday and Saturday will be the days that I write a post, and if something exciting happens, I might throw in an extra one. Make me live up to my promise!

Fall Break was good. I slept and slept. On three of the four days, I slept in until noon. Then, I got some food and upon return to my room, I would take a nap. Apparently, I needed it.  I played some Fifa, I was on call one night, I did most of the things on my to do list, and I rested. However, after one day of classes, all my rest was gone. I still believe that the amount of sleep one gets is the ultimate measure of how disciplined this person is. In one of the Student Welness Center folders, I read a great tip: don’t just set an alarm for when it is time to wake up, set an alarm for when it is time go to sleep. I might try that. I keep working on my discipline.

Although the past week was only half a week because of Fall break, it was still a busy and interesting week. On Thursday, I had to give a presentation for my principles of rhetoric class. I had worked all day on Wednesday to get ready for it. When I had written the speech, I found out that it was ten minutes long. The maximum time was five minutes. I had to trim my beautiful speech, but it still worked out well. It was one of the better speeches I have given in my life, so that gave me a very satisfied feeling. Thursday night, there was a student meeting with the college’s trustees. No faculty or staff were allowed to attend. It was very nice to get to meet the trustees and see how nice these people are. They were very interested in everything the students shared.

Tonight, College of Wooster history will be made. We will have our first night football game. It will be a great event and everyone on campus seems very excited for it. The weather is very beautiful today, so I think it will stay dry for the game. Tomorrow, I will play an intramural soccer game against our team’s greatest rival. It will determine if my team will be the intramural champions or not.

Monday, ISA is having its second dinner of the year. The theme of the dinner will be traffic around the world. On Tuesday, I will make ambassador history. We will be doing the first ever teleconferencing presentation in history.. The college has a special room where the equipment is installed. A school in Akron will watch our presentation on a big screen.

Wednesday, I will share how the things I mentioned in this post. However, as stated before, I might throw in an extra post.


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  2. opa reyeron 11 Oct 2009 at 12:08 pm

    Wat een moeizaam gevecht, grote kleinzoon, om discipline de grote winnaar in je leventje te laten zijn! Waarom zou je de wekker niet én voor het slapen gaan én voor het opstaan inschakelen?
    Ik kijk uit naar je verslag van de komende dagen: Akron en soccer met name! Veel succes ermee gewenst en dank voor je blog van 10/10!
    opa Reyer

  3. charlotteon 12 Oct 2009 at 11:14 am

    Bro!! Good to hear from you again because I can’t get to talk to you on skype with your busy life! I wrote my first essay this past weekend for my “sociaal wetenschappelijk practicum” I hope I’ll get a good grade for it! I am very curious about the dutch meal you told me about. Still some boerenkassoup? Or did you change the menu? Take care! Charlotte

  4. Gijsberton 12 Oct 2009 at 6:08 pm

    Son, if only I could attend 5% of all the exciting things you do! I’d so much love to see you give speeches and presentations. Suzanna says that each and everyone on campus knows Bastiaan! I’d like to walk around there and see how people react as I say that I am the father of Bastiaan!

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