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October 14th, 2009

Sleep is a recurring theme in my posts. One of the reasons for this might be that I think sleep is interesting. Why do we need sleep? How great would it be if sleep was optional? As I have stated before, sleep can make or break the following day. However, these days, naps make my days. It happens often (every day) that I do not get the nine hours of sleep that I have planned on my calendar. Usually, I end up with about seven hours of sleep. This would lead to a dull day was it not for the genius of naps. After I nap for 25 minutes, I feel like I did have the nine hours of sleep. It is a miracle medicine. My body gets better and better at taking naps. I can just lay down, fall asleep, and wake up. Great. Now we are on the topic, there is another secret miracle medicine that I’d like to share with you: shaving. I am afraid that this medicine only works for men, but the women that read this could give it a try. Whenever you feel tired, go for a good shave. After I shave and use my organic after shave with lots of alcohol, I feel so revitalized. It works like a sip from the source of eternal youth.

Enough secrets shared. Let me tell you a little bit about the things that have happened since my last post.

  • We had our first night football game ever. It was unlike any football game I have seen before at this college. The stand’s capacity was not large enough for the number of people that wanted to attend.  People had painted their bodies with the letters “GO SCOTS” and the whole crowd was cheering from the very beginning. The Scots got destroyed in the end, but it was a very exciting game.
  • ISA had a great dinner. The topic was traffic around the world. The ambassador from India, Prachi, had a great story about the way people transport themselves in India. I shared some fun information on the use of bicycles in the Netherlands, and Bobby shared a story about how his car ended up on the bottom of a lake.
  • I made Ambassador history. I did the first ever teleconferencing presentation in the history of the Ambassadors Program. It took an hour to finally get the connection working, but then I was streaming live into a classroom in Akron.
  • It is Middle Easter Culture week on campus. Monday night, there was a Palestinian comedian in the Underground (campus pub). Yesterday, there was a Whirling Dervish performance and workshop. Today, there will be a belly dancer performance and workshop. Tomorrow, Middle Eastern students on campus will be sharing stories from their culture.
  • Yesterday, I had dinner with the president. President Cornwell had invited all members of SGA and campus council to his house to talk about campus issues over dinner.
  • President Cornwell came to the public speaking class of which I am the TA this semester. We talked about the final project for the class. This project includes the production about the life at Wooster. The president gave his input for the project.

Wow, there is always so much happening. I will write again soon (at the latest Saturday).