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October 17th, 2009

Fall is here. There is no way back. The color spectrum of the trees has changed from all shades of green to yellow, orange, brown, and red. Week nine of the semester is about to begin. The semester has sixteen weeks, so we are over half way through. It is unbelievable how fast it goes. One of the ways I can tell time goes by is that my jar of hair wax is getting emptier. The jar functions like an hour glass that runs very slowly. The jar is about half full now, so it will probably last me the semester.

The coming week will be very busy. I have a big midterm for Principles of Rhetoric, I will teach another class in Public Speaking, and I have two ambassador presentations. I am excited for the week.

Yesterday, I watched the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I really liked to movie. Somehow, it inspired me to get more in touch with myself. There is so much going on in my life, I play so many roles, but I tend to forget to listen to myself. I am planning to change this. I am starting off well today. I will take a walk in the beautiful Fall landscape here in Wooster and reflect on my life. I want to start listening more to my inner voice.

I think I am in a melancholic mood this weekend. Maybe that is related to the seasonal change. The time I have at this college is meant to figure out what I want to do with my life, so I think it is not bad to me in such a mood.

Not too much worth reporting happened since Thursday, but by Wednesday I will have stories to share again. However, two things worth mentioning happened:

Thursday, there was a session with the president and the faculty and staff of the college. Members of campus council were invited too. The president shared what had happened during the trustees meeting and were the college is planning on going.

Friday, I talked to my linear algebra professor. I am very confused in that class. It is the hardest class I have taken in my life and so far, seventy new ideas have been introduced. After my talk with the professor, I feel confident that I can make a positive change.

The busy life I have is challenging, but rewarding. I will keep you updated.