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November 7th, 2009

Thursday at 11:00 am, campus council meets. Campus council consists of members from the administration, the faculty, the staff, and the students of Wooster. We talk about all the major issues on campus. For example, this winter break, our main student center will be refurbished. Campus council discusses what changed need to be made.

After the council meets, it is tradition that the members have lunch together. During the lunch of this past Thursday, I brought up that some students say that it is hard to make a change on campus. The administration always wants us to believe that we can make changes, but if we actually want change, they make it impossible for us. Dean Holmes responded to my remark by saying that many students do not really want change. They think about change, but they are not willing to work for it. Then, I brought up that I had been wanting to make a change to the water machine in Lowry. I very much dislike the water that comes out of this “filtered” water machine.
Some of the other campus council members were responding to my statements, but dean Holmes was on his cell phone. Two minutes later, a man walked up to our table. I recognized this man as Chuck Wagers, Director of Campus Dining Services. Dean Holmes introduced me to Chuck and encouraged me to explain my concern. He added that he just wanted to prove a point. Chuck and I talked about water machines for a while. I asked him what he would do if I would give him a list of two hundred people that dislike the water in the dining hall. He responded that he does not need that list. We concluded that Chuck would look into alternatives for the water machine. Chuck Wagers also told me that in the past students have come to him with concerns. Often, he said, he makes the phone calls necessary to address the concern while the student is still in his office.

After our conversation, I thanked Chuck for his time. Dean Holmes smiled at me and said: “see, it is not that hard to make a change.”