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Success to Stress ratio

November 11th, 2009

This past Saturday night, The College of Wooster hosted Kent State’s basketball team. Wooster is a division III team and Kent State is a division I team. As you can guess, this was not a conference game. It was a fund raiser for the Corey John Cline Fund. This fund was set up in memory of Assistant Coach Doug Cline’s son who died at the age of three in a tragic car accident this past February. The beginning of the game was a very moving moment. Coach Cline thanked all the players and the coach of Kent Sate’s team and they received an overwhelming applause. There were many hugs and some tears. The Fighting Scots eventually lost to the Golden Flashes, but that was not the most important thing of the night. The game raised more than 5,000 dollars for the Corey John Cline Fund.

Monday night at 6:00 pm, ISA had its third and last monthly dinner of the semester. The theme was Japanese culture. Thanks to some clever changes in advertising, the dinner was very well attended. I felt very happy and proud when I saw that the whole ball room was filled with people that were enjoying themselves while learning something about a different culture. We started the dinner with some Origami and then we had two speakers. The first speaker was Akane,  an international student from Japan. The second speaker was John, an American student who had spend a longer time in Japan.

Now, let me deal with the header of this post. The basketball game and the ISA dinner were big successes. After this week, there are only two weeks left in the semester if you don’t count Thanksgiving break and finals week. I would love to have some more successes this semester, but right now it looks like there is this enormous mountain of work that I have to overcome before the semester ends. My goal is to keep the success to stress ratio as high as possible during these last weeks. It will be a great challenge.


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