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November 18th, 2009

I skipped a Saturday of blogging. I was balancing the responsibilities that I have and then a person issue came up. It was a little bit too much to handle everything at the same time, so I dropped writing a post. A famous Dutch saying is “every disadvantage has its advantage”. The world famous Dutch soccer star Johan Cruijf came up with it on a good day and today it applies to this blogging situation. Because I skipped blogging on Saturday (disadvantage), I have plenty of things to share with you (advantage). So, here we go:

  • The ending of last week was hectic again. I had a linear algebra exam on Friday and an ambassadors presentation directly following the test. The ambassadors presentation went very well. I shared information about the Dutch Health Care system with American nurses in training. They were very interested and asked some of the best questions possible. How the exam went is to be awaited. Although I definitely wrote some things down that should be right, linear algebra and me don’t seem to be the best friends. Fortunately, this was the last exam of the semester not counting finals.
  • Saturday was an unbelievably beautiful day. It was the kind of day that makes you want to wear T-shirts and shorts and throw a frisbee on the quad. Many people gave in to this feeling. It felt like an early September day even though it is mid November.
  • Sunday, I took a bus of students to the largest indoor water park in the USA: Kalahari. It was the perfect day for a trip like this because not many other people had come up with the same idea for this day. There were practically no lines. We could bodyboard on the artificial wave, go in the rafts, and in the slides. It was a great day full of water fun.
  • Monday, I gave a workshop on public speaking for a group on campus named the Wooster Emerging Scholars. I only had an hour to cover the complex topic of public speaking, but it went well. The students seemed interested. Hopefully, I was able to relieve some of the public speaking anxiety the students might have had. For me, it was a great opportunity to do something that I might want to for a living later in life. Usually, Dr. Wick does this workshop. I am the TA for her public speaking class and because she couldn’t make it this time she had asked me to do it instead.
  • Yesterday, the public speaking class had dinner with the president. We are working on a project for which the students create short videos that might be put on Youtube. These videos are supposed to promote Wooster to prospective students. We filmed our dinner with the president and had a good conversation about what is good at our college and what we can improve upon.
  • Today, we have the ambassadors dinner. There will be great food from the five countries the ambassadors represent. I have to go to that right now, so that will be the last thing I share in this post.