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Status hell week: passed

December 6th, 2009

I am feeling good. Soo good. It is the weekend before finals week, but I don’t think I have felt so relaxed since the beginning of the semester. My responsibilities for ISA for the semester are fulfilled, my responsibilities for the Ambassadors program are fulfilled, my responsibilities for the Wooster activities crew are fulfilled, but most importantly, I survived this past week.

As I said in my previous post, I had turned in my matrix project on Tuesday. Then, I was planning on pulling an all-nighter for my principles of rhetoric term paper. I followed my plan. I started working at 10:30 pm and I worked until 2:16 pm. Sixteen hours of paper writing. When I last saved it, I had no clue if it was a good paper or a bad paper. I just knew I had to turn it in. The deadline was 2:30 pm. After I had turned in the paper, I started experiencing weird sensations. In class, it felt like someone was pushing on my skull with two hands. In reality, my head was not touching anything.  I couldn’t read what was on the board, although I usually have HD vision. At 4:30 pm, I finally got to take a nap. It lasted 20 grand minutes. The result was great. I had to work in the library at 5:00 pm and I felt reasonably tired. Not unreasonably tired like before.

At 10 pm, I had a hall program. I ordered four pizza’s and we watched the hall video I had made. I was very proud of the result and I was lucky enough to have my supervisor walk in to this model hall program. I was RAing like a star.

Then, a little before midnight, I turned off the light to go to sleep. I departed to dreamland quickly. When I woke up, it was forty minutes into my first class. I smiled. I had just had the best night of sleep in weeks. After that, I only had one class left in the semester. Now, I am preparing for finals. I only have three finals. That is very easy compared to others. Some people have four finals plus several papers. I can enter my finals week with a relaxed attitude.