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Week 1, back in action.

January 16th, 2010

After one week of classes, I am beginning to settle in. Still I have not received one textbook for my classes. Ordering online saves some money, but it also tests your patience. This first week was interesting because I had some new experiences. First, there is hardly any work to do. I have finished my assignments for the beginning of next week and even one that is due on Friday. I have time to hang out with people and relax. Last semester was very different in that respect. Second, I do not have my girlfriend around since she is studying abroad in Japan this semester. I am not used to being alone so much and I have to push myself to be proactive in socializing with people.

Spring semester is always an interesting time, but Spring semester of junior your is even more interesting. I have to start thinking about what extra curricular activities I want to next semester. For example, I am thinking about getting involved in the judicial board, campus council, or applying for resident director. These are just the extracurricular activities though. I also have to start thinking about the life after college. Even though I would love to pretend that college life will never end, everything goes so much faster than I think. If I want to go to grad school, I have to start thinking about tests and applications. I feel like I just made up my mind about my major and now it is time to choose again. There is no easy setting for life.