January 23rd, 2010

It is that time of the year again. Changing of the guard. This week I had two interviews. For one, I was being interviewed. For the other, I was interviewing. The coming weeks will have at least 8 more interviews.

Thursday, I had an interview for campus tour guide. I love going to this school and I think I would have a great time sharing my experiences here with others. Seventy people are applying for tour guide, fifteen will get the position. I think the number of people interested in this position shows how much people love this school. For the interview, we had to do four things. First, we had to introduce ourselves in an creative/cool way. People had made poems, some people did a little dance, and others just told an interesting story about themselves. I had prepared a little speech about anagrams that can be made out of the letters in my name. Second, we had to sell random items. We had to pull an item out of a bag and then try to make it very appealing to the other people in the group. Third, we had to answer challenging questions that might come up during a tour. Fourth, we had to share unique features that would make us great tour guides. The whole interviewing process was very fun. I will know if I’ll get hired by the end of the week.

This morning, the prospective resident assistants had their group interview. I had to observe how they were interacting and pose some questions for discussion. The prospect RAs had three activities. The activity that I participated in was about prioritizing a set of notes that were slid under an RA’s door. The students had to say what they would deal with first and why. It was interesting to see three different groups take their own approaches.

Thursday morning, campus council had its first meeting of the semester. Chipotle sponsored this meeting, so we could enjoy tasty burritos while we discussed campus issues. I had written a proposal for changing the way students can access the residence halls on campus. It was the second draft. After some good discussion, the council adopted the proposal. It will be submitted officially and hopefully it will be accepted by the college administration.


2 Responses to “Interviews”

  1. Gijsberton 24 Jan 2010 at 2:59 am

    Wow, seventy applicants to be a tour guide, that must be a rewarding job! And how seriously they take this procedure!
    Eight more interviews? Not eight times being interviewed, I hope? Or should I encourage you to take any job you can get? Alongside working on your IS?
    And why do you keep the purport of your brilliant proposal a secret?
    No use asking all these questions, because one never gets them answered, it’s so frustrating…

  2. charlotteon 25 Jan 2010 at 11:41 am

    Dear Bastiaan! Let us know if you get the job, I hope you will because it sounds like fun, I have never done an interview like that but it sounds like fun! Good luck with the other 8 interviews, it’s for RA applicants right? Take care and hope to hear from you soon again!

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