First busy week

January 29th, 2010

Yes, it is week 3 and it is the first busy week of the semester. That means lots of things to share. But, let me keep it short as to not compromise the crispness of this post.

  • Sunday was ski trip day. Sunday was also the only day during Peek’nPeak’s season with heavy rainfall. It started two days before the trip. The bus driver wanted to know if the trip was still a go. The temperature would be in the high 40s with a 100 percent chance of rain. Then, the next day: people started asking me if they could get their money back, if the trip was going to be canceled, if the trip would be postponed. I had to stand strong. The answer to all these questions was NO. When Sunday morning 8:45 am rolled around, 52 people showed up for 52 spots on the bus. Three of those 52 were people on the wait list, but that was perfect since three people on the original list had failed to wake up on time. It was pouring that morning and there was no snow left in Wooster, OH. It did not look like we were going on a ski trip, but we were going. Although it was still raining when we arrived at Peek’nPeak, it was not as bad as down in OH. The snow was surprisingly good and people had a blast skiing. I loved the day too. It was cold at times and wet all of the time, but there were no lines for the lifts and people were smiling.
  • Monday, I spoke during a fireside chat session in our newly renovated Babcock Hall. The fire came from a YouTube video that was projected on a screen, so fire safety was not compromised. I talked about my mother land, The Netherlands. People seemed very engaged in my story and asked some great questions. I felt happy inside.
  • Tuesday was one of the least productive days of my college career. I couldn’t get myself going. After I completed a successful nap, I figured it was time for the next nap. I wasted some time online and ate. However, even during dinner I just sat down without saying much. It was one of those days. Fortunately, I can always listen to Billy Joel with his beautiful song Vienna. He tells me I can afford to lose a day or two. I lost one on Tuesday, but I could afford it.
  • Wednesday was a regular day, but of course much better than Tuesday.
  • Thursday, I had an interview for WAC. Today, I will hear if I have been selected for the executive board of the Wooster Activities Crew. I applied for the humble role of campus council representative. I have enjoyed my experience with the council this year very much, so I hope I will get the opportunity to do it one more year.
  • Today is Friday. Last night, I worked hard to finish my real analysis homework and the purpose statement + rationale for my junior IS (the project that prepares students for the notorious senior IS). I had to find 15 sources as well. I discovered that Zotero is indeed a great piece of software to keep track of your sources. I recommend.
    This morning, I presented in Introduction to Women, Gender, and Sexuality as the ambassador from the Netherlands. The conversation was good. Amun Nadeem from Pakistan represented Pakistan, so we had two countries that allowed for a nice contrast.
  • This week, I had the first meeting for a new project that I will be involved in. Admissions will publish a monthly online magazine that will feature five international students’ experiences. In case you can’t get enough of my writing, you should be very excited about this. It is supposed to be more professional than this blog and should include pictures and video.
  • I have been chosen to be a tour guide. So, if you are applying and you want to visit, you might meet me in person! I am thrilled to start giving tours.
  • Tomorrow, I will be attending a resident assistant conference at Oberlin college. I have never been to another college before, so I am excited for two reasons. One, I like RA stuff. Two, I get to see another school.
  • The admissions office published a video that reviews 2009. It is a VERY fast slide show. If you look closely, you will be able to spot me at least four times. However, the video has much more to offer than just me.

Okay, it was not that brief this time, but I had lots to share. Hopefully, I’ll write again on Sunday. I’ll let you know how the RA conference was.


  • By writing this post I am procrastinating. I am teaching a class on Monday on computational errors and I should start preparing. I better get to work.

3 Responses to “First busy week”

  1. charlotteon 29 Jan 2010 at 5:14 pm

    Dear brother! Great to hear you’re back to your busy life! I tried to watch the review on youtube but it didn’t work so maybe you can sent me te link another time! Take care!

  2. charlotteon 29 Jan 2010 at 5:15 pm

    Ohh and I’m very happy for you that you are chosen for tourguide! goodluck with everything and enjoy!

  3. Gijsberton 31 Jan 2010 at 1:49 pm

    Nice, the way you display ‘busy’. It´s not going to be the running gag of all upcoming posts, is it 😉
    And nice to see the slideshow of your own Hogwarts…
    I was able to spot Harry himself only twice, but I’ll take a closer look!
    Have fun!!

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