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Still Alive

April 24th, 2010

Hello there!

I have not drowned. I am still standing strong. I have been working hard, but the results of the labor have given me a lot more breathing space. Let me give you the updates right away, not in chronological order:

  • Junior IS is almost done. Chapters I through V have a first draft, part of chapter VI is done. Tomorrow, I will finish chapter VI and then I have a full draft of my junior IS. Final draft is due on Friday, so there is still time for some revisions.
  • My quantitative methods project is almost done. I just have to cite some sources, write a little bit more in the discussions section, and figure out how to interpret the results of one specific test. Final draft is due on Tuesday.
  • I had a math exam last Wednesday. I had prepared all Tuesday afternoon, evening, and Wednesday morning. I thought I was as ready as I could get, but that seemed not to be the case. I think it was my worst performance in the history of my college career, but I noticed that even after that exam, it was still a very nice day.
  • Last weekend, the ethnic fair was a great success. The night before I had worked on my junior IS until 3 a.m., but the next day I was ready for the event. Although it was an extremely cold day for mid April, many people showed up and I had some good cultural sharing moments. After the long day at the fairgrounds, the couple from downtown Wooster that had run our booth with me, my sister, and Marijke (other Dutch student on campus), took us out for a great dinner.
  • Last Sunday, I heard where I will be living next year. I will be the Resident Director of Andrews Hall, supervising three Resident Assistants. It turns out that my apartment is the least luxurious of all RD apartments on campus, but I can’t complain. I will be living in an apartment (own bathroom, own “kitchen”, own living room), while others have to share a room with one or two other students.
  • Last Sunday, the International Students Association had a great success. We had our annual Spring Dinner. The speaker was Dr. Kammer from the religious studies department. He gave a very provocative speech on the United States’ position in the world. I will be taking a class with him next semester and I can’t wait to hear more from him. The food at the dinner was great too and my speech at the end was a little unprepared, but therefore also a little funnier than it would have been with preparation.
  • Next year, two Dutch students will be joining us at Wooster. I am very happy that the Dutch legacy will be continued. I sent them several emails lobbying them to come and my propaganda has been effective :).
  • Friday, Wooster had its annual research symposium. Seniors present their independent study projects while the rest of the students do not have class so that they can come and admire. It is a wonderful day for Wooster, with many excellent presentations, posters, and some very good food as well. Unfortunately, I spent most of the day in the library running t-tests, chi-squares, and one-way ANOVAs.

That was it for now. I’ll keep updating more frequently these last two weeks, since I feel like I am more in control.