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Final count down

April 28th, 2010

Today is the last Wednesday of classes.  There is not too much to share, but always a little bit:

  • My quantitative methods project has been turned in!
  • Junior IS has to be turned in by Friday. Today, I am editing Chapters I through III. Tomorrow I will do IV through VI and on Friday I will bind it and turn it in!
  • I had my last Wooster Activities Crew meeting of the semester. We had a nice review of the events we did this year including a trip to a great roller coaster park, a ski trip, big concerts, comedians, and a game show.
  • Last Sunday, we had the transitional retreat of the International Association executive board. The new board is now officially in charge and I am emeritus vice-president. A little sad to let ISA go, but I have great confidence in the new board.
  • The weather has been nice, but chilly. These are the days that you look out of your window and decide to wear shorts. Then, after 1 minute outdoors, you realize that the looks of the weather have fooled you.
  • These are also the days of severe lack of sleep. I don’t know exactly why, but the past three nights I have not managed to get more than five hours of sleep. Last night the reason was the lock on my door. I could swipe my card and the light would blink green. However, the lock would not follow through with the approval. I had to call security even though I was the Resident Assistant on call that night (meaning I had access to about 300 student rooms).