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Done –> Senior Now

May 7th, 2010

It was a weird feeling. I turned in my last final and I knew I was done with my junior year. I also knew that I had no responsibilities the coming days, that I was not busy. It almost felt like I fell into a hole. The whole year I have been running from one amazing activity, to a big paper, to an exam, and back to my room to get a little bit of sleep. Now, I could finally stop running.

I just walked around campus for a while inhaling the fresh spring air. It was an amazing feeling; a feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction, and total relaxation.

Now I am here on campus to finish my Residence Life duties. I will be checking students out of their rooms, cleaning the halls, and filing paperwork. After Commencement on Monday, this campus will be very empty. On Thursday, I will be traveling to my home country, The Netherlands. I am looking forward to spending time with my younger brother, my younger sister that I haven’t seen in a while, my parents, and my friends from home. Exciting things to come are my brother’s graduation, a vacation with my friends, and the World Cup.

I will spend this summer to explore my options after graduation. Will I continue my studies in The Netherlands, will I start working, will I continue my education in the United States, or somewhere else?

These are all important questions, so I want to take some time to answer them. Also, I will be planning some things for my positions next year: Resident Director and Campus Council Chair. I will try to come up with some activities to do great in both positions. I won’t be as busy next year as I was this year, but I want to give as much as I can for the things that I will do.


I’ll be back as a senior.

Finals Week

May 2nd, 2010

I just cannot believe how fast this semester has gone by. It probably has to do with the fact that I was involved in so many activities and with the fact that I am getting older. They say that life starts moving faster as you get older. So far, it seems to be true for me.

Friday, I turned in my junior Independent Study project. Including everything, it is 69 pages long. I spent the entire Thursday night and Friday morning working on final corrections. When I was done, it was time to print. I had not expected that printing could be so challenging. I failed at least 9 times and wasted tons of paper. Every time something went wrong. This was very frustrating. When I finally thought I had printed successfully, I went to the bookstore to get my Junior IS bound. When I had raised my bound version of Junior IS high above my head in celebration, I looked at the cover page. I found out that a space was missing, combining two separate words into one. I was a little shocked that I had let that happen, but at this point there was not turning back. I went to my professors office and handed her my bound copy. It was a beautiful day in Wooster, but I was way too tired to enjoy it. I went straight to bed to get some very well deserved sleep.

Now I still have three hurdles  until I can say that I am done with Junior year. First, I have a final for real analysis. It is an advanced math class which has proven to be quite challenging to me. I did relatively well on the first two exams, but for the last one I got the worst grade that I have earned in my college career. On Tuesday morning, I will give all I have to obtain a good grade for my final exam.

Second, I have a presentation for a math modeling project. The modeling project my group has worked on involves booking of flights. Many airlines overbook flights to make sure that they still make a profit if a number of passengers don’t show up.

Third, I have a final for Quantitative Methods. This exam is worth more than the previous two exams combined, so it is important that I do well on it.

The last exam will be done at 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday night (at the latest). Then, junior year is over and I can call myself a senior.