Finals Week

May 2nd, 2010

I just cannot believe how fast this semester has gone by. It probably has to do with the fact that I was involved in so many activities and with the fact that I am getting older. They say that life starts moving faster as you get older. So far, it seems to be true for me.

Friday, I turned in my junior Independent Study project. Including everything, it is 69 pages long. I spent the entire Thursday night and Friday morning working on final corrections. When I was done, it was time to print. I had not expected that printing could be so challenging. I failed at least 9 times and wasted tons of paper. Every time something went wrong. This was very frustrating. When I finally thought I had printed successfully, I went to the bookstore to get my Junior IS bound. When I had raised my bound version of Junior IS high above my head in celebration, I looked at the cover page. I found out that a space was missing, combining two separate words into one. I was a little shocked that I had let that happen, but at this point there was not turning back. I went to my professors office and handed her my bound copy. It was a beautiful day in Wooster, but I was way too tired to enjoy it. I went straight to bed to get some very well deserved sleep.

Now I still have three hurdles  until I can say that I am done with Junior year. First, I have a final for real analysis. It is an advanced math class which has proven to be quite challenging to me. I did relatively well on the first two exams, but for the last one I got the worst grade that I have earned in my college career. On Tuesday morning, I will give all I have to obtain a good grade for my final exam.

Second, I have a presentation for a math modeling project. The modeling project my group has worked on involves booking of flights. Many airlines overbook flights to make sure that they still make a profit if a number of passengers don’t show up.

Third, I have a final for Quantitative Methods. This exam is worth more than the previous two exams combined, so it is important that I do well on it.

The last exam will be done at 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday night (at the latest). Then, junior year is over and I can call myself a senior.


2 Responses to “Finals Week”

  1. charlotteon 03 May 2010 at 2:39 am

    I keep thinking with every post, OK this will be his last post before he comes home, but then there is another one! Goodluck with your finals and I’ll see you when you’re a senior at Wooster, OH!!

  2. Gijsberton 03 May 2010 at 4:51 am

    Nog 11 nachtjes slapen…
    Is there an equivalent for this in English or English speakers do they not count down by (little) nights? (Is this a correct interrogative?)
    Congrats on you J-IS, an impressive piece of work! I’ll cross my fingers that the professor will think the same!
    Good luck with your last hurdles. For me you are a front runner anyway!
    (By the way: weet je nog dat je ooit in Enschede studeerde? FC Twente is gisteren kampioen geworden.)

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