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Senior Year is an Undeniable Fact

September 1st, 2010

That was quite a shock. Wearing a gown to convocation made it impossible to remain in a state of denial: I am a senior and so are all of my classmates. Time flies. Cliche, Cliche, right? Another great cliche as that cliches are true and of course that cliche keeps confirming itself.

I returned to campus on August 8, at 9:30 p.m. Since that moment I have been working hard. Classes have started this week, but I have felt the need for a break already. This does not mean that I am not greatly enjoying my time here. It just means that I have been working hard. Let me explain.

This year, I am a Resident Director. In order to fulfill that position, one has to go through training. That training started on August 9. I was still jet-lagged, but everything started at full speed. We made 14 hour workdays that included talking about supervision, but also completing tasks for the Reslife office. It took me a full week to unpack my suitcase, simply because I was too exhausted to do anything after I got back to my room in the evening.

After RD training, Resident Assistant training started. Our college employs about 70 RAs. In order to build a strong team we go on a four-day camp together. We do teambuilding acitivites, diversity exercises, and talk about what it takes to be a great RA. Of course, there is some time for swimming, volleyball, and bonfires as well.

After training, we had our massive First-Year Moove In event (Moove is not misspelled, it is a reference to COW = College of Wooster). Moving in the first-years was set up like a CIA mission in North Korea. We all had individual duties, we had secret maps, we had closed off roads, we had security, we had a 20 foot fiberglass cow, we had free food, we had music. In fact, it was more of a big celebration than it was a CIA mission, but the maps and the explanation of the event gave it a top secret feel. The code name for the Moove In event was The Fountain, a reference to the traffic pattern of the cars of the incoming first-years.

Well, as you can tell, there is lots to share about what happened since I came back. There is even more to share if I would include my adventures from this past summer. However, there is only so much time and only so much reader attention span. So, let me wrap it up by giving you an insight in my current situation.

I have dropped one of my majors to become a Communication Studies major (previously double major with Math). I have changed 3 of my 4 classes over the past two days. I have not talked to my parents for more than 4 minutes since I am back, because I have been so busy. I have been reunited with my girlfriend who was abroad last semester. I have bought really nice sheets for my queen sized bed.