Throwing Paint

September 5th, 2010

I always thought the first week of a semester was the easiest week. No homework yet, no papers due, no exams. This first week was by far the most challenging first week of my college career. In my previous post I mentioned that I changed all those classes and dropped a major.  That was not easy. Then there was a lot of Residence Life business to take care off. It was all just very chaotic.

Fortunately, this weekend gave me the chance to get organized and relax for a while. I spend some quality time with friends on Friday night and on Satuday we had our first ever campus version of the Jamaican festival J’Ouvert. J’Ouvert is a celebration during the Jamaican Carnival that stems from slaves wanting to participate in the Carnival festivities. They were not allowed to do so, but if they covered themselves in paint they could not be recognized.
The Wooster Activities Crew had bought 35 gallons of concentrated paint to mix with many more gall0ns of water in order to have tons of paint to throw around. We had Caribbean DJs that played Jamaican music and organized some entertaining competitions. People engaged in dance , hula-hoop, limbo, and tug of war competitions. However, the event was mostly about throwing paint and dancing. Fortunately, the sun stayed out for most of the day because there was also a water hose, super soakers, and water guns involved. It was a lot of fun. People like throwing stuff on each other and dancing. The event lasted five hours, but time flew by. Afterwards, it was time to take a long shower to get clean again and warm up. By the end of the day, I had almost forgotten what a hard week it had been.


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