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Fall is Arriving

September 17th, 2010

Fall comes quite unannounced. It seems like all trees know something that we don’t know. The weather is still sunny and warm, but some trees are turning a little yellow while others prefer red. It really was a secret to all Wooster students that fall was about to come, but yesterday it became very very clear.

It had been raining in the morning, but when it stopped I decided to leave my umbrella in my room. This was not mybest decision. When I came out of a meeting in Lowry Center, it was raining very hard outside. I thought that if I waited for a little bit, the rain would slow down. However, the oppostie happened. Just as I thought it could not get worse, the weather decided to take it to the next level. A curtain of water was coming down on Beall Avenue. I wanted to go to the library, so I asked a girl with an umbrella for a “ride” under her umbrella. This umbrella certainly did not keep us dry, but it helped a little bit.

A couple minutes after I had arrived in the library, my phone rang. I picked up the phone and an automated message played: “the City of Wooster has issued a tornado warning, please see shelter on the lowest level of your building immediately.” I walked up the stairs to warn some of the people who were there and then someone announced over the PA system in the library: “all library patrons, a tornado warning has been issued, please use the interior stairwells to get to lower two immediately!” The fact that this voice was trembling a little bit did not make us feel better. All 54 students that were in the library at the moment gathered on lower two. Some computers were still on, so we went online to follow the tornado. It was south of Wooster and it was supposed to move east. All we could hear in the basement was the loud grumbling sounds of the thunder; a severe thunderstorm warning had also been issued, with the risk of quarter-sized hail. After about 30 minutes, we were given the all clear signal. It was still raining outside. All the fields on campus had turned into ponds. The concrete sidewalks had turned into brown rivers. There was no more denying that fall is on its way.