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Getting into the Rhythm

September 21st, 2010

We are three weeks into the semester. It is interesting to observe that it takes three weeks to get into the rhythm of classes, meetings, free hours, homework, and Independent Study. I still feel like I am adjusting a little bit, but it is getting better.

Today I set up a weekly appointment at the writing center. Every week I will work with Jessica Jones on the writing for my Independent Study. This is great for several reasons. Jessica has amazing writing improvement skills and I now have two set times during which I meet about IS. That means double motivation. I also emailed one of my fellow senior communication majors, Lauren. I asked her if she would be interested in emailing me her weekly process and I suggested I would do the same. We started that this week and it works as a nice motivator and stress reliever.

My African Religions class is very interesting. I just finished reading the River Between. This book is an intriguing myth about what happened when the colonizers came to Africa and brought their religion to traditional African tribes. In class, we have just finished watching a documentary about the Green Belt Movement in Africa which was headed by Nobel Prize winner Wangari Muta Maathai. It was a very impressive, inspiring, and moving documentary. My African Relgions class has not given me much work, but it has by far given me the most food for thought. Next Monday, the first paper is due. However, professor Kammer gives you up to a week after the deadline to turn in your paper without getting penalized.  I think I will still turn in the paper on the deadline, because professor Kammer has an extra option: every time you get your paper back and you are not satisfied with the grade, you can rewrite it and get it graded again. The highest grade will count!

Astronomy of Galaxies and Stars is great too. Professor Lindner is a genius. He can juggle five balls, but his research has also made the covers of many scientific journals/magazines, including Nature!  He knows everything about the universe and sometimes, it seems, about science in general. He starts every lecture with the astronomy picture of the day and he is not afraid to answer questions about the chances of humans succeeding at nuclear fusion, aliens, or science fiction.

Lastly, my Arts & Entrepreneurship class is interesting too. The last couple of lectures we discussed some of the paperwork involved in starting a business. That was a little dry, but a lot of what we have done is discussing new businesses and how we would start one.

While I am getting used to my schedule, the weather has gone back to summer. Today is supposed to be 83 degrees and on Thursday it should be 88 degrees. You won’t hear me complain, because I also know that snow could only be a couple of weeks away. It is Ohio weather after all.