October 1st, 2010

This week was on of those weeks that go by without me being aware of it going by. It is Friday morning and the week is almost over. It is also the first time that I sit down to update you on life here at Woo. I have been wanting to write about last Saturday, so let me start with that.

Last Saturday, I went to Ingenuity Fest in Cleveland: “The Ingenuity Festival is Cleveland’s annual weekend-long celebration of art and technology, designed for audiences of any age and experience, staged in Downtown Cleveland. ” The founder and current Artistic Director of this festival is my Arts & Entrepreneurship professor James Levin.

The setting of this Festival is amazing. It is stretched over more than a mile long bridge in the center of Cleveland. Instead of being on the top level, it is on the bottom level of the bridge. This levelt was once used for the subway line. Now this bottom level was covered in art and technology. The highlight was a 130 feet high artifical waterfall that came down from the bridge. Another big highlight for me was the performance of one of Wooster’s best student bands, Freddie Cool. It was very interesting to see all this art displayed and performed in this unconventional setting.

A highlight of that day that had nothing to do with Ingenuity was the Sushi dinner that we enjoyed after going to the Fest. Sushi Rock in Cleveland is unbelievable!

After bing away from campus for a full day, I had to catch up on some homework of course. Fortunately, I have had some very productive moments this week and I feel like I am on top of Senior IS.

I have also gained experience with my straight razor. My face is still mostly undamaged. However, I did give myself two minor cuts and quite some rash after shaving with my new razor twice. It is a learning process and I am willing to suffer a little bit before I master the art of straight razor shaving.

Today, I’ll be going off campus again, this time for a romantic getaway. My girlfriend and I have been together for three years exactly today. We want to celebrate that by staying in some nice nature are here in Ohio.

Well, that was the update for now. I’ll work hard to write a little bit more frequently in the coming week!


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