Life is just very good

October 4th, 2010

The title of this post says it all. Life is just amazing. The only problem is that I keep forgetting about it and it appears to me that I am not the only one.

I say this because during my romantic getaway this weekend I had to deal with some disappointments. I had planned to stay in a tent and I ended up staying in some kind of conference center that was much more expensive. I also got fined because I had failed to renew my license plate registration. Some small things that really upset me.

However, the getaway was great. We saw lots of deer, birds, and other wildlife. The weather was great and the Ohio State Park (Deer Creek) that we went to was beautiful. On the way back, we stopped in Columbus for dinner. We discovered the Short North. It is a neighborhood in Columbus that reminded us much of Soho in New York City. There were lots of little restaurants, designer shops, and art galleries.

The disappointments of the weekend had such a big impact on my that they almost made me forget about all the good things.

It seems like people are never satisfied, no matter how much they have. I go to a very good school, I have good relationships with my parents and siblings, I have a great girlfriend, I am healthy. I could go on and on with this list, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that a lot of times I am irritated, disappointed, or even unhappy. I can’t really say that anything is wrong in my life, but sometimes it feels that way. The crazy thing is that you can expand this concept to people like Bill Gates or Brad Pitt. They have more than me, at least in terms of monetary wealth, but they still have times that they think life is hard and unfair to them.

These thoughts only remind me that I should be grateful. I want to be happy about everything that I have. It does not seem fair if a person who is as privileged as me cannot enjoy this. If I can’t enjoy it, it would be better to have someone else be as privileged who can enjoy it. In other words, I try to make it worth that I am so privileged.

I think the next thing I will do tonight is make a list of 100 ways in which I am privileged. Who knows it will help me appreciate what I have more.


3 Responses to “Life is just very good”

  1. Hannekeon 05 Oct 2010 at 12:13 am

    dear Bastiaan, your thougts remind me of your great-grandfather who tought us : “count thy blessings, count them day by day”! His doughter, your grandmother Joop often repeated her fathers words! Maybe you have heard her saying so?!
    love, Hanneke

  2. Pepson 05 Oct 2010 at 3:39 am

    Dear Bastiaan, according to Buddhism, suffering – which is what you describe – has nothing to do with what you have or do. Suffering is brought to you by desires and wanting. So for Bill Gates and Brad Pitt – living a life of money and glamour – suffering is close at hand. They’ll have to work extra hard to stay away from suffering. Maybe this simple wiki-page about the Eightfold Path to the end of suffering could be a nice signpost?
    Thank you for your honesty and I’d be curious to read your list of 100!

  3. Sandoron 05 Oct 2010 at 4:11 am

    Short North sounds great! I hope to see the real Soho area together with you and Henk this Christmas!
    Good to hear you talk about enjoying life and appreciating the small things as well! At the moment I’m enjoying the sun on my face in lovely Maastricht!

    Gotta go now, will definetely look into the page your father mentioned!

    All the best!

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