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Fall Break is Around the Corner

October 13th, 2010

This semester has been beautiful so far and today is beautiful as well. This is the third time I am experiencing fall in Northeast Ohio, but it feels like the first time again. The colors, the crisp air, the patterns in the sky, everything is so unrealistically beautiful. It almost feels like time has frozen and winter will never come. However, all students at Wooster who are not first years know that it won’t be long until we need to get our winter boots out. Not yet though, because it is 70 degrees right now and I am wearing flip flops (although flip flops is not really a sign of good weather; some college students wear them year round).

I am in a right-before-break state of mind. Although fall break is only a two-day extension of the weekend, it feels like a nice resting point in the middle of a busy semester. What I want right now is to get enough senior independent study  done so that I can leave for fall break without having to worry about doing schoolwork. I am visiting one of my best friends from home who studies abroad in Geneva, New York this semester. I am looking forward to seeing his campus and meeting the people that he hangs out with in the US. It is still not easy to push myself to do work right now because the weather is so nice and there are so many other things to do.

As you know, last weekend was homecoming so I did not get a lot of work done. This week I have been interviewing people for different roles on campus. In addition to that,  I have all my usual commitments that take up a lot of time. If you follow this link you can see how full my calendar was this week and that does not even include working on IS (independent study) or homework.

Well, since I am trying to get IS work done before break, I should probably stop here.


PS one more thing: I am giving two campus tours this week and I love giving tours, especially when the weather is as nice as now. Alright, one more thing. One of my best friends here, Itai, is interviewing with Goldman Sachs this weekend in NYC. That is pretty exciting. He also happens to be the star cricket player that you saw in my last post.