Time, Success, IS

October 30th, 2010

As the title suggests, this blog entry consists of three short fragments that are completely unrelated. Well, that may be a lie. Everything is related in some way. Alright, here we go:

Time remains in an interesting topic. In my Astronomy class, we have talked about how time slows down when you are near strong gravitational forces and when you move at high speeds. This is related to how space time can be warped. Wow, it is all very complicated and fascinating. However, sometimes it seems beyond the understanding of human beings. Even the regular passage of time without any physics theory is hard to grasp. At this point, there are only six weeks of classes left in the semester. I still don’t understand how the beginning of the semester turned into half way through the semester into the last weeks of the semester.

Remember how I shared that one of my best friends here at Wooster, Itai, was applying in New York City at Goldman Sachs. Well, he got hired. He’ll be starting a couple months after graduation as a Technology Analyst. On the day he heard this news, the Wooster Volunteer Network had organized the Nearly Naked Run. This event is a fundraiser and the money that was raised this year went to the victims of the Pakistani Flood. The Nearly Naked Run is a relay race with teams of four people. Unfortunately, our first runner tore his hamstring in the first two seconds of the race. We couldn’t compete, we couldn’t win, and our friend was injured. However, there was also an individual sprint. Itai competed and won. The prize was 50 dollars to the Wooster Inn pub. It seemed like it was Itai’s day.

IS is going relatively well. I have over twenty pages of literature review and my goal is to have thirty by Thursday. When I hit thirty, I have met the page requirement of the literature review and then I will start worrying about the quality of my writing. Next week, I will have to present my IS topic to my fellow Communication majors.


3 Responses to “Time, Success, IS”

  1. opa reyeron 30 Oct 2010 at 2:37 pm

    Hallo Bastiaan! Ik sla natuurlijk niets over! Dit keer wil ik mijn ‘comment’ gebruiken om je eens met nadruk te verzekeren, dat je zo goed schrijft. Je hebt echt een groot talent om leuk, helder en boeiend verslag te doen. Proficiat! opa Reyer

  2. Pepson 30 Oct 2010 at 3:06 pm

    A better invitation to start reading immediately you could not have invented! Nice post though, why do you apologize for it? Three very relevant topics for a college student.
    Just two remarks: At first I misread, so I read: our first runner tore his string in the first two seconds of the race. My thought was he could not go on, because it was not meant to be a Fully Naked Run.
    And: I do not understand what it means that Itai’s prize was 50 dollars “to the Wooster Inn pub”. Does it mean that he can spend that amount there? What do the Pakistani flood victims win by that?

  3. Sandoron 01 Nov 2010 at 4:29 am

    Please send my best regards to Itai. Congrats!

    All the best of luck with you IS!
    @ Peps: hilarious, your misreading! haha


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