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Refocus on Independent Study Writing

November 10th, 2010

Dear readers from across the globe,

Let me give you an update on life here at The College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio.

Saturday was a day full of relaxing. Together with my girlfriend Keri I went grocery shopping. We decided to make salmon in the oven. It was an amazing meal that included asparagus, fresh garlic, lemons, rice, and a traditional Japanese desert called Mochi. Everything turned out really well and I don’t know what I enjoyed more, cooking or eating.

Sunday, I played in the intramural volleyball playoffs. The semi-finals were a little too easy. We won the sets by 15+ point margins and moved on to the finals. However, the other semi-final took over half an hour longer than ours. We had to wait and see who would be our opponent. The opponent turned out to be very strong. We had lost against them during the regular season, so we were prepared for a hard match. But this time, we had all of our star players present. The first set we lost 30-24. We started the second set stronger and were up by 12-10. However, we kept making little mistakes. Eventually the other team beat us 30-26 in the second set and we lost the game. We were all feeling a little down, but on the other hand we were very happy that we had participated in intramural volleyball. In a couple of years, I’ll remember the great spikes we made and how much fun we had as a team. The scores of the games will be of lesser importance.

Yesterday, all the communication majors had to present their Independent Study project in a speech. People expect communication majors to be good speakers, so the requirements for the speech are quite specific. It is challenging to explain what you are doing in a 4-5 minute speech, but it was interesting to hear what my fellow communication majors are working on. Examples are: the portrayal of masculinity in the Harry Potter books, noise induced hearing loss from iPods, Al Gore’s environmental communication, BP’s Oil Spill Communication, and promoting a new start-up record label.

Right now, we are in the middle of an Indian Summer here in Wooster. It has been extremely sunny and the temperatures have been close to the 70s. I was wearing shorts, flip-flops, and a t-shirt today. The air feels very crisp and in the shade it is a little chilly, but when I am in the sun I count these among the most beautiful days of the year.

After my weekend of cooking, volleyball, and after my IS speech, it is now time to write some Independent Study again. I have almost 30 pages of literature review, but I have to make sure I have at least 40 scholarly sources in there. After I am done with Chapter II, I can finally move on to start designing my surveys and writing my third chapter, my methods chapter.