100 Highlights of my Wooster Life

November 15th, 2010

“No pressure” was the message from my family at home, “just remember that you are writing a very special post next.” Since February 21st 2009, I have documented my life at The College of Wooster on this blog. I think my dad was right. It is about time I share 100 highlights of my Wooster life with you. Here they are in no particular order:

  1. International Orientation before freshman year with 60+ people from all over the world.
  2. Filling the arch freshman year on I night that I should have worked on a speech.
  3. Going to Niagra Falls during fall break of freshman year.
  4. Living in the old Babcock, before it got renovated.
  5. Meeting my girlfriend Keri.
  6. My History of Life class with professor Wilson.
  7. Taking public speaking with professor Wick.
  8. Finding a wild baby bunny outside of my room.
  9. Cedar Point every year.
  10. Going skiing with people that had never skied before freshman year.
  11. Participating in the annual Nearly Naked Run.
  12. Watching a combined performance of two of the a cappella groups on campus.
  13. Participating in a college theater performance.
  14. Seeing K’naan and Wale in concert on campus.
  15. Going to Jungle Jim’s crazy grocery store.
  16. Finishing my junior IS.
  17. Going to Hawaii with Keri three times.
  18. Joining Reslife and becoming an RA.
  19. The Jamaican festival J’Ouvert, paint throwing and dancing.
  20. Winning the IM soccer championship freshman year.
  21. Having the experience of having a great roommate my sophomore year.
  22. Visiting a Wooster friend in her hometown Vienna.
  23. Taking Peace Studies with professor Kille.
  24. Becoming an ambassador for the Ambassadors Program
  25. Doing a chat roulette session with a group of guys on my hall last year.
  26. Learning how to slam dunk.
  27. Playing on an intramural volleyball team that lost in the finals.
  28. Playing my first game of corn hole.
  29. Watching the NBA playoffs with guys from France, Zimbabwe, Paraguay, and the US.
  30. Performing in the culture show freshman year.
  31. Organizing a successful ski trip.
  32. Going to Chicago for Model UN.
  33. Watching an amazing Wooster-Wittenberg basketball game freshman year.
  34. Getting hired to be a blogger.
  35. Giving a gift card to Broken Rocks Cafe and the movies to my custodian and his wife with the guys on my hall.
  36. Giving a speech about the Netherlands to 100 nurses at a nursing conference.
  37. Getting the RA of the year award.
  38. Being a crossing guard on campus.
  39. Getting hired to be a library reference assistant.
  40. Being the top rebounder on my c-league intramural basketball team.
  41. Taking African Religions with professor Kammer.
  42. Taking Calculus II with professor Pierce.
  43. Going to NYC for model UN.
  44. Bhangra Night freshman year.
  45. Getting inducted into Lambda Pi Eta, the Communication Honor Society.
  46. Surviving my first real all-nighter last year.
  47. The ambassadors dinner this year.
  48. Learning how to shave with a straight razor.
  49. Snowball fight freshman year.
  50. Becoming part of campus council.
  51. Helping to organize the International Cooking Festival.
  52. Winning the public speaking competition last year.
  53. Participating in Mr. Wooster.
  54. Seeing a performance by Blackalicious during Spring Fest.
  55. Getting to know the baseball players through Reslife, who I otherwise probably would have never gotten to know.
  56. Becoming a tour guide for admissions.
  57. Taking beginning swimming and learning how to crawl.
  58. Coming back to Wooster after I had left for a semester.
  59. RA camp my first year as an RA.
  60. Giving an ambassadors presentation to third graders with unbelievable energy.
  61. Becoming a resident director.
  62. Watching my first professional baseball game and seeing a triple play.
  63. Going to a Cavs game.
  64. Being part of gospel choir freshman year.
  65. Welcoming the first-year students my first year as an RA.
  66. Watching the leaves changing color every year.
  67. Becoming close friends with people from all over the world.
  68. Watching a severe thunderstorm on the bleachers under an umbrella.
  69. Traveling through Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco with a friend from home.
  70. Having my sisters visit Wooster freshman year.
  71. Having a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with an American family.
  72. Watching comedians on Monday nights at the Underground.
  73. Getting told to take my Dutch debit card down to Mexico by a Walmart worker.
  74. Having two prospective students stay overnight.
  75. Taking the lead on changing a policy on campus through campus council.
  76. Taking Principles of Rhetoric with professor Bostdorff.
  77. Going to Washington D.C. for a war protest.
  78. Having one of my best friends from home visit me at Wooster.
  79. My birthday dinner with all my Wooster friends this year.
  80. Taking Astronomy with professor Lindner this year.
  81. Becoming chair of campus council.
  82. Getting to know the restaurants of Wooster.
  83. Taking Multivariate Calculus over the summer while mostly playing soccer and watching basketball.
  84. Taking Ethics, Justice, and Society with professor Kreuzman.
  85. Writing articles for the Wooster Voice.
  86. Being the TA for public speaking.
  87. Giving a seminar on Public Speaking to the Wooster Emerging Scholars.
  88. Learning the US national anthem.
  89. Bulking up 20 pounds.
  90. Doing Novembeard aka no shave November.
  91. Volunteering for a swimming event for mentally handicapped.
  92. Confronting situations as an RA.
  93. Conversations about interesting topics over dinner.
  94. Seeing friends landing great jobs.
  95. Interviewing other students for positions on campus.
  96. Riding around campus on a scooter.
  97. Playing pick up soccer on nice days.
  98. Playing tennis on nice days.
  99. Having my younger sister at Wooster for a year.
  100. Writing my 100th blog entry.

The thing that makes me happiest is that it was not too hard to write this list.


7 Responses to “100 Highlights of my Wooster Life”

  1. Jon Mathison 16 Nov 2010 at 4:04 pm

    Your the man Bastiaan and a cool RA/person in general, glad we became friends!

  2. charlotteon 16 Nov 2010 at 8:00 pm

    Good to see I’m in the list! Suus and I just visited Harry potter 7 🙂 And she is very happy she is more than once in the list! It was really nice to read your list! Keep up the good work, all ready looking forward to no. 101

  3. Pepson 17 Nov 2010 at 2:35 am

    Wow! So much fun to read this. I can hardly resist the urge to write a list of 100 reasons why you are such a great son!!
    The risk of mentioning certain things and people is that at the same time you do not mention other things and people. So this gives me the good feeling, that you easily could have made a list of 200 or even 1000 highlights! By the way, I’d be curious to hear some more details on 25, 45, 46 and 73!

  4. Suzannaon 17 Nov 2010 at 8:19 am

    I am really happy to write your 225th comment. It would have been better if it was you 100th, but 225 is pretty nice too.
    It is pretty cool to read all this, because some things I have experienced myself, like filling the Arch (but even though we tried twice, we never managed to fill it up all the way), and participating in your successful skitrip. 🙂
    And now you can start making a list of 100 highlights of your senior year (I bet finishing IS will be on that one :)).

  5. Tijson 17 Nov 2010 at 3:00 pm

    Great to read all those wonderful things. But I missed the golden gate bridge in your top 100 ;). I think I’m a bigger fan now of alcatraz, than you’re of the golden gate bridge.

  6. Sandoron 18 Nov 2010 at 6:13 am

    Haha, some made me laugh out loud (Wallmart guy telling you to go to Mexico), some being very special (meeting Keri) some made me smile and happy to be a close friend (learning to share with a straight blade razor hehe ;)). Reading this made me realise how much you have actually developed the past years. It’s amazing to see the moments of wisdom to take to yourself in classes or with friends and extracurricular activities!
    I could probably continue writing until I too reach the 100, but personal conversations always work best! See you in Christmas break!


  7. Sharron Clemonson 21 Dec 2010 at 2:31 pm

    Great to read all those wonderful things. But I missed the golden gate bridge in your top 100 ;). I think I’m a bigger fan now of alcatraz, than you’re of the golden gate bridge.

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