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About to Leave for Break

November 22nd, 2010

Wow, time keeps flying. I don’t even know why I still say it, it should be a given by now.

The past week was good though, very good. Some quick highlights:

  • The Golden Dragon Acrobats were on campus. Remember how I wrote about the Ringling Bros. Circus? How I said that i believed it was the best show on Earth? After the Golden Dragons, I have to reevaluate. Their show might have been even better. Over a 1000 people turned out to see the acrobats and the show was breathtaking, literally. Some people had a hard time to keep their heartbeat and breathing patterns under control. Watching these acrobats was stressful. The show was so impressive, that it looked like people were going to get hurt. However, everyone survived and the show was unforgettable.
  • Sunday, I watched my intramural soccer team play the finals of the season and win. Yes, I watched. This season, I did not show up for enough games to deserve a starter position. Moreover, with my skill level in soccer it was safer to leave the outcome of the playoffs in my teammates’ hands (or feet).
  • The weather has continued to be mind-boggling. Today was a record breaking day with 68 F or 20 degree Celsius weather. It is almost December, but the warm days are still not gone. The past weekend was beautiful as well. I took it easy and tried to enjoy the outdoors. It looks like snow is still months away, but I know it’s not.
  • This past weekend, the South Asia Committee organized the South Asia dinner. Amazing food in a nice atmosphere. No one dislikes that.
  • Last Thursday, I took my girlfriend Keri to Wokano. Wokano is a Japanese restaurant in Mansfield, Oh. About 40 minutes away from Wooster, you can get some legitimate Japanese food. As a true Dutchman, I did not pay the entire bill, but I tried to overcome the physical pains that spending give me a little bit. I am getting better, but I still have a long way to go.

I’ll try to report during the coming days on how my road trip is going.  I am first picking up Henk, my friend from home, in Geneva, NY. The next day we are driving to Montreal. We’ll stay there for two days and then we’ll go to Toronto for two nights. After that, break will be over already. However, it will then only be three more weeks until the end of the semester. Winter break will offer another great deal of excitement that I’ll share about later.