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Extracurriculars Dominate

December 5th, 2010

Everyone is swamped in schoolwork these days. No surprise, we are at the dawn of the last week of classes. All term papers, final projects, Independent Study chapters are due these days. However, it feels like I have just been working on Residence Life and Campus Council duties this past week.

I almost spent the entire first day back from break on writing Residence Life evaluations. I had to evaluate my own performance, that of my supervisor, and the performances of the three Resident Assistants that work in my building. It took me over an hour to write each evaluation, so the day went by very quickly.

Tuesday, I was on duty for ResLife. Being on call is usually not horrible, but if you run into one or two incidents it tends to take the entirety of your night. Of course, Tuesday night I did not get much done other than doing rounds, calling security, and writing some reports on it. Also, Tuesday night is the night that I set the agenda for Campus Council’s meeting that week. The little free time I had, I spent creating the agenda.

Wednesday was free of ResLife duties, but the day after being on duty is always a little more challenging because of a shorter night of sleep. In the evening, I had a Campus Council forum. We asked students for input on several issues that Council has discussed including Technology, determining the status of lounges on campus (wet or dry), and refurbishing our campus pub, the Underground.

Thursday night, there was an in-service for all Resident Assistants. Usually these sessions involve some sort of training, but this session was mostly meant to reward the RAs for their hard work this semester. We had some pizza and played some card games. After this session, I had an hour and a half to complete my Astronomy homework before I had to start setting up for an all-hall program. My staff, my supervisor, and I had organized a midnight breakfast for all residents of Andrews hall. This involved making pancakes, bacon, and sausages in the main lounge. The event was a major success, but of course took away the possibility to work on schoolwork and the possibility to go to bed early.

Both Friday and Saturday night, I was on duty for Residence Life again., the only duty weekend I had this semester. That meant doing rounds and spending the time between rounds in a lounge that has a higher risk of getting rowdy. In other words, no time for winding down and no time for homework. Friday night was probably the most interesting on duty night of my life, it finally ended at 4:00 a.m. (it is probably wiser to omit the details in this post). Saturday I was a little exhausted of course, but I usually give myself this day off in the week. Instead of doing some schoolwork myself, I drove my girlfriend Keri to a Japanese restaurant so that she could do some interviews for her Independent Study. This took most of my waking day. After some dinner, it was almost time to be on duty again. Saturday night was not as interesting as Friday night, but still, I was busy all night and all I got done was sending a few emails.

Today was Sunday. I spent most of the day doing edits for my Independent Study. Man, doing edits takes forever. I did get a good night of sleep, because instead of setting my alarm for 10 a.m., I had set it for 10 p.m. Yes, I am still a proponent for using 24-hour clocks (or “military time”). Now, I am facing a week in which I need to complete a final project for Arts & Entrepreneurship, a final project for Astronomy of Stars and Galaxies, and in which I need to turn in solid versions of my first two chapters of Independent Study (about 40 pages). Professors always say:”you can work ahead, it just takes careful planning.” Well, in my life, it seems like there is no time during which I should be working ahead. It will be a challenging week; however, I know that when I will look back on Friday afternoon, I’ll say: “that wasn’t so bad.”