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It Wasn’t That Bad

December 12th, 2010

As I predicted in my last post, this week was easier than I thought.

Right now it feels like I am on vacation already, but that is not completely true yet. However, the lack of meetings and classes make it seem like I have all the time in the world.

There are still some things that I need to take care off:

  • Astronomy Project: we can write on anything that we want and put it in any format. Together with a classmate, I am working on a comedy piece with several songs.
  • Third African Religions Paper.
  • Final African Religions Paper.
  • Astronomy Exam. Tomorrow starting at 2:00 p.m.

Then, since I feel like I have so much time, there is a list of things I’d like to do this week:

  • Going out for dinner at Broken Rocks. I got a nice gift certificate for being one of the three best speakers during the Communication Studies I.S. speeches.
  • Getting a hair cut. My hair has been growing the entire semester and has not met scissors in months. I think it is time to clean it up a little.
  • Laundry. I have plenty of clothes that need to be washed and it would be nice to wash my bedlinen too before I leave.
  • Pack my belongings for winter break.
  • Write most of my third chapter for I.S.

It seems like an easy week, but I think the week ahead will be a little more challenging than last week. I always perform best under pressure. I have quite some time this week, so I will probably have a hard time getting myself to work.

One thing I am hoping for is that we will get a little blizzard this week. I love snow, but so far we have not had enough. Up to half a foot is predicted for this week, but I hope it will turn out to be more. Of course, but the time I am flying out the snow should be cleared because I don’t want to get stuck in Cleveland.

It is time for me to put in some hours for my astronomy project. I’ll give you an update later this week on how finals are going.