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So, How Was Your Break?

January 18th, 2011

This is my first day back in action. Today I work in the library, today I go to class. It is always a tough transition from break to semester, but I am not resisting. This is my last semester at the college I love and I will try to make the most of every day.

The question that I am answering multiple times each hour these days is “how was your break?”

A challenge with this question is to find the right degree of depth in your answer. I have heard  several conversations that went as follows:

“Hey, how was your break?”
“Good, how was yours?”

I would consider this too little depth. The meaning that is conveyed in this conversation suggests that you might as well not ask the question.

So, I will try to answer the question with what I consider sufficient depth for a little small talk conversation on the go:

Break was amazing. I was in Tacoma, Washington for a week. There I visited my girlfriend’s family. We went to the zoo, cooked good food, explored Seattle, went out to a very nice restaurant, read a lot, celebrated Christmas, and spent lots of time relaxing. Next, I flew to New York City. I had rented an apartment with three of my best friends from home. We did the touristy things, the culturery things, and we partied well. Our apartment was in Harlem and it was big enough for us to play bowling in our hallway. After a week in a very snowy New York, I went to Kingston, Jamaica. I visited two of my Jamaican friends who happen to be twins. On Jamaica I spent lots of time relaxing, sleeping, reading, watching TV, going to the beach or river, eating good food, and partying a little.

Of course, there is lots more to tell about a break but this is much more information than the word “good.” It is the foundation of a conversation and if there is not time or interest in a conversation you can just move on.

Lastly, there are a few updates I’d like to share with you:

1. The classes I am taking this semester are: Intro to Fiction and Poetry Writing, Independent Study, Intrapersonal Communication, Theories of Human Communication.

2. I have withdrawn myself from the Wooster Activities Crew. I was too involved in order to give the most for IS and to be an asset to WAC as well. It was a painful breakup since I had two great years with WAC. However, at this point in my college career I had to make the best decision for myself.

3. I am selling my books from last semester on and so far I have made over 150 dollars. It feels good to do some business online.