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Mission Data Collection Complete

February 13th, 2011

This feels very good. After watching the same videos more than 40 times, recording over 80 audio fragments, and spending over 20 hours in a sound proof prison cell, I have all the data that I need to complete my Independent Study. This doesn’t mean that I am done with this project. I still have to report, analyze, discuss, and conclude. That will take time, lots of it. However, I am not depending on other people to complete this study anymore . If I work hard, really, really hard, I can finish my Independent Study in two weeks.

Other news is that I have started the process of applying to graduate school. My hope is that next year I will be working on completing a Master’s Degree at the University of Amsterdam. The application process takes quite some time and I don’t have much of that resource at this point in my college career. Independent Study seems to dominate, but as human beings, we always have to plan our future.

This morning, I dropped off my sister at the airport. She spent 10 days in Wooster to visit friends that she made when she studied here last year as an exchange student. I witnessed the emotional moment when she hugged 12 of her friends goodbye in the cafeteria.

This semester’s intramural basketball season has started. I showed up for the last game and so did the rest of my team. However, the other team failed to show. So, we decided to play a little scrimmage. When we were done, I decided to test my dunking abilities. I am 6′ 6” tall, but dunking is still harder than it may seem for someone my height. This must have been my night, however. I grabbed the basketball in two hands and slammed it down the rim. It felt amazing. My teammates referred to me as the Dutch Blake Griffin. That is quite an honor, but also a gross exaggeration. When I tried to repeat my stunt, I almost broke my legs, so I decided to be satisfied with that one monster jam. Tonight at 6:00 p.m. is our next game, but unfortunately I’ll be working in the library.