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Riding the Wave of Momentum

February 18th, 2011

In my native language, we have an expression that freely translates to “the horse smells the stable.”  It refers to a horse speeding up when coming closer to home so that it can get to the stable faster. Well, to make it even more obvious, I am that horse and the stable is where I turn in that Independent Study. By now, I have written my literature review, gathered my data, and entered what I collected into some statistical software called SPSS. Saturday and Sunday I will be analyzing my data. The rest of the week I’ll write a discussion of my data, and then, over next weekend, I’ll conclude. Then all that is left is a little bit of polishing and I can turn it in. I can start thinking about what I want to do for spring break because I am pretty sure I’ll be done by then. Today, I was extremely productive. All day long, I was an I.S. machine. I have built so much momentum that I already can’t wait to start working again tomorrow. It is exciting to have all my data ready for analysis, although it was not a fun job to get it to this point. I spent hours and hours transcribing audio clips, analyzing the transcripts with software called Salt, and entering the results from that analysis and from my surveys into an SPSS file.

However, right now it is Friday night. I am taking a deserved break. Enjoying the NBA All Star Rookies vs. Sophomores game. I’ll take some time off so that tomorrow, I can ride on that wave of momentum, all the way to the finish line.