Senior Moments

April 20th, 2011

After I.S. Monday, I thought, I would just sit in the sun and read books, hang out with friends a lot, throw a Frisbee every now and then, and take long naps.

I have had a few moments like that this past week and I was very happy that they were there. Days on which I had no homework to worry about, a nice temperature outside, and some good company. But, I have heard some seniors complain. They say they have too much time, that they are bored. I think I should be grateful that I still have challenges that prevent me from getting bored, while I now also have plenty of time off. Let me share some of those challenges:

  • Saturday was the annual Wooster Ethnic Fair. This blog has been up so long by now that this is the third time that I write about the Ethnic Fair (see 2009, and 2010). This year brought quite some rain and wind, but we still had many people asking questions about the Netherlands. Although it was a very long day, it makes it worth it when you can have some very nice conversations about your home country with some genuinely interested people.
  • Monday was the day of my oral defense of my Senior Independent Study. Twenty-four hours before my defense, the professors sent me the questions that would guide our discussion. Most questions were not too challengingĀ  but good conversation starters instead. I truly enjoyed talking aboutĀ  my thesis and it turned out to be a relaxed conversation between two professors and a student. The best part was that after the deliberation, my advisor could tell me that I had passed Independent Study successfully.
  • Tuesday, I had a group presentation with five other students. The presentation was on some very challenging chapters that took a particular stance on communication studies. The four authors argued that communication is articulation, translation, communicability, and failure respectively. The extra challenge was that one of my best friends from home, Markus, was visiting campus during the 24 hours that I had to prepare and give the presentation.
  • Tomorrow, I have to turn in a first draft of a five to seven page short fiction story.

Fortunately, there are also plenty of moments that I get to enjoy my senior life.

  • Friday, I heard that I got admitted to the Graduate School of Communication Studies in Amsterdam.
  • Yesterday, I heard that I am one of the recipients of the Senior Leadership Award ($600).
  • Markus’ visit and his positive feedback on my campus was amazing.


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  1. Pepson 23 Apr 2011 at 3:43 pm

    I’m sorry, but I do not understand the contraposition of challenges and enjoying senior life.
    I can only read joy in your challenges!

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