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Lots of Time

April 24th, 2011

I think I finally reached it: the stage in my senior year during which I am not busy any more. I just finished the last corrections on my Senior I.S., it feels very good.

Because I have plenty of time now, I have made a commitment to do something social or fun every night. That means that I’ll have to get the little work that I do have left done during the day. The little work I have left includes feeding my car some new liquids, writing another short fiction story, finishing a term paper, paying my car insurance bill, and doing some readings.

Since I have had some more time lately, I have already started enjoying it.

Thursday night, I was in Itai’s room. We watched some playoff basketball and when Nana, one of our friends, walked in, we started talking about some interesting characters that we have known on campus over the years. It was a very relaxed night with lots of laughing and no stress.

Friday afternoon, Itai decided that it was time to make some African stew. He said that they call him the “Kitchen Engineer” and that we would be shocked by how good his food would turn out.  It was a laid back afternoon with cutting some vegetables and listening to some 90s rap music.

Saturday, I decided to clean my kitchen and bathroom. During my busy days, those cleaning tasks could have happened more often, but it feels so good now everything is shiny and bright again in these areas of my apartment.

Saturday at 6:00 p.m., it was time for the International Students Association’s Spring Dinner. There was a guest speaker, Dr. Lantis, who talked about making a difference in the world after graduation. There was dahl, chicken, fish, and mango smoothies. There were awards given out, including the ISA Inspiration Award of which I was the recipient.  There was the announcement of the new board, all first years. And there was some nice conversation with people involved in the international community on campus.

Saturday night, I went to the Wooster Jam Session. This event was envisioned and conceived by James Levin, my professor of Arts & Entrepreneurship from last semester. Outside and inside the Wooster Fair Grounds there were musical performances, film showings, visual art displays, etc. Because the spring weather has not really taking off here yet, the attendance was disappointingly low, but the event showed great potential.

Sunday nights, I play indoor soccer. We play from 9:00 to 11:00 p.m. with a great mix of people. We have international students, Americans, first years, and seniors, and lots of fair play.

Tomorrow night, I hope to attend a big comedy event on campus. Maria Bamford is coming to Wooster for a show. The only problem is that I am on call, so I’ll have to see if someone can hold the phone for me while I enjoy some laughs.

Finally, some pictures that I have promised several weeks ago.

Suzanne Bates (The Registrar) and Henry Kreuzman (Dean for Curriculum and Academic Engagement) during the I.S. parade

Watching Wooster in the Division III Finals

On I.S. Monday with the Ambassadors display case

Celebrating the completion of Independent Study